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Cox Cable Subscribers To Find F.C. Cable On New Channel

FCC-TV, the City of Falls Church’s cable TV station, will be switching from analog to digital format and moving from Channel 12 to Channel 11 on the Cox cable network on or about Sept. 14. Citizens who subscribe to Verizon Fios and RCN cable will continue to watch FCC-TV on the same Verizon channel 35 and RCN channel 2.

City Council approved an amendment to the City’s franchise with Cox Communications to address advances in technology. Currently Cox Channel 12 is analog and is shared by the City of Falls Church and the City of Fairfax. Advances in technology have made it desirable to convert the City’s Channel 12 on Cox from an analog format to a digital format.

With this change on Cox, the City will have a full – time stand alone channel, instead of sharing Channel 12 with Fairfax City. Anyone who subscribes to Cox cable across Northern Virginia can watch FCC-TV on Channel 11 beginning Sept. 14 instead of only being able to watch FCC-TV if they are located in the Falls Church area of Fairfax County as well as in Falls Church City.