F.C. to Install Electronic Speed Signs

To help calm traffic and improve safety, the City of Falls Church announced this week that it will install new electronic speed readout signs at 11 locations throughout the City.

The City’s engineering staff studied traffic and roadway conditions to determine the best location for the signs.  The signs are 30″x 42″ with an LED display screen, mounted on a single pole and powered by solar energy.  This project, funded by a federal grant dispersed through the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act (ARRA), will be managed by the Department of Public Works. The signs will be at the following locations: 500 and 513 E. Broad St., 430 Great Falls St., 410, 413/415, 815, and 816 Lincoln Ave., 503/507 and 504 N. West St., 903 Lanier Place, along S. West Street, 1001 Parker Street along S. West Street.

Owners of the properties adjacent to the rights of way where the signs will be posted were contacted in advance by the City.