Solid Waste Fees Due to Rise Aug. 1

Fees for solid waste services in the City of Falls Church will increase on Aug. 1. The City Council adopted a resolution setting the fee schedule at its June 13 meeting. The fees have remained the same for eight years.

The City of Falls Church provides curbside refuse, yard waste, brush and recycling collection to approximately 3,100 residential customers and pays by weight for the disposal of these materials.

The City Code authorizes fees to be charged to defray solid waste disposal cost. The revenue projected from the fees will capture a portion of the disposal costs while the bulk of costs remain paid for through the City’s General Fund.

The fee schedule as of Aug 1: Yard waste/brush–$1 per 30-gallon bag; New excess waste (outside of can)–$1 per 30-gallon bag; Special bulk waste–$75 per 2 cubic yards; Major household appliance pickup–$30 per appliance. The City will provide a single standard sticker that can be used for yard waste and for extra trash. The sticker will be available in the Treasurer’s Office in City Hall, Brown’s Hardware, 100 W. Broad St., Giant Food, 1230 W. Broad St., and other outlets (to be announced). Customers may continue to use their supply of the current 50-cent orange stickers but must place two stickers on each bag (for a total of $1) beginning Aug. 1. For single-family detached homes, an extra trash sticker will be required for all trash bags exceeding the volume of the 65-gallon trash cart.

For single-family attached homes (town homes and condos), a sticker will be required for all bags of trash not contained within a City issued cart; the City will provide free stickers up to the 65-gallon volume for customers who selected a smaller 35-gallon cart or no cart.