2024-07-19 11:58 AM

F.C. Housing Group May Expand Its Scope

With the unanimous board of directors vote at its April 14 meeting, the Falls Church Housing Corporation (FCHC) may now take on a new member, who will be an important contributor to the future of the FCHC affordable housing mission and vision, according to Dr. Steve Rogers, FCHC President.

In a press release Tuesday, Rogers said, “Upon a favorable vote by FCHC members at their annual meeting next month, FCHC will be positioned to encompass a multiplication of its resources within an expanded territory centered on Falls Church, to pursue the housing activities clearly stated in its affordable housing mission.” At that meeting, he added, “We will introduce a new contributing member, the National Housing Partnership Foundation (NHPF). Our FCHC directors voted to recommend we establish an on-going working relationship with this group.

If approved by the FCHC membership, it would commit a mutual pledge of assets, staff and action plans to leverage an exponential return on our mutual affordable housing goals to acquire and develop permanently affordable rental housing for the elderly, infirm and income-challenged workforce in our region.”





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