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Letters to the Editor: February 24 – March 2, 2011

Budget Cuts Forcing Cancellation of Local Classes


Once of the best features of our wonderful city is the community spirit. I personally love the Farmers Market, the fairs, festivals, concerts, town clean up days, sports teams and myriad of family friendly activities. These are great social gatherings that also help us to see and commune with our friends and neighbors. Community sponsored events are an especially important part of our Falls Church City lifestyle in these times of economic hardship. They are an big piece of what binds us together as a friendly and supportive town.

Unfortunately, many of our community services have also received budget cuts. Now they need our help and support! The Falls Church Recreation Center has to cancel a significant number of classes and events due to low registration. When you consider all the work they put into providing these opportunities for us, this is heart breaking! Remember, future budget allocations depend in part on current community interest and involvement.

Please take a moment to look at all the great offerings in the Falls Church City Recreation Center’s catalogue. Now is the time when we as a community can give great support to our community center. If we are there for the center, they will be able to continue to support our town’s very special social lifestyle.

Bonita Woods

Falls Church


Reader Hails Work of Local Hoops Referee


It isn’t often that this space is filled with a tribute to a youth sports referee in our city, but I believe Andre Jackson deserves to be recognized here for the outstanding contribution he makes to the Parks and Recreation Departments youth basketball program.

As a coach the past several few years, I have watched how he handles our children – nurturing their basketball knowledge, skills and enjoyment of the game – while adeptly controlling all the other dynamics in the gym. While I do my best as a coach to coordinate schedules, divide playing time, and provide a positive environment, I am acutely aware that it is Andre who has the bigger impact. If you know who I’m talking about, take a moment to thank him. He deserves it.

David McGuire

Falls Church


Takes Issue With Columnist on Christianity


Wayne Besen’s column on the Catholic iPhone app last week was filled with lies, as are most of his columns.

First, homosexuality is sinful and is condemned numerous times in various books of the Bible. Second, Christians do not portray themselves as saints and the rest of humanity as sinners. We know that we are all sinners.Mr. Besen is the self-righteous one, who seems to be claiming that he is without sin. Third, sin is not defined as “something that causes harm;” according to the Greek language it is “missing the mark,” and the mark is what has been set by God for us to follow. Fourth, Christians haven’t said that our beliefs can’t be challenged.

Go ahead and challenge our beliefs, but be open to our statements in our own defense, and don’t just accuse us of hatred!

Ronald Johnson

Falls Church


Avid Reader Lives 400 Miles to the North


I should agree with reader Helen Li’s letter stating, “…the readership of the News-Press goes beyond Falls Church.” Although I live about 400 miles north, thanks to the net, distance is no longer a barrier to finding honest reporting.

I value Helen Thomas’ opinion. Her insight and depth of knowledge is matched by exceptional integrity.

People I know here realize Obama could not answer her question, “do you know of any country in the middle east which has nuclear weapons?” because U.S. foreign aid to Israel is illegal. Having her on staff speaks to the credibility of the Falls Church News-Press.

Helen Thomas is a danger to the corrupt and a great menace to liars everywhere.

Jack Judge

Ontario, Canada


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