Gross: Decision Months Away on Property

Fairfax County’s Mason District Supervisor Penny Gross confirmed to the News-Press Wednesday that any final determination on the use of a vacated parcel of residential land in the Ravenwood neighborhood near Seven Corners will not be made for many months, maybe not even before the end of the year.

Gross made her comment in response to a firestorm of reaction to her move to have the two-acre parcel undergo a review by the County Planning Department that could include a Comprehensive Plan amendment and a subsequent proposal that will require public hearings and approvals by the Planning Commission and County Board before being adopted. The land, at 3236 Peace Valley Lane, was declared blighted and its structures were demolished in 2010. A developer has expressed an interest in possible townhouse development on the site, which has drawn a torrent of opposition from neighbors to the site.

But Gross stressed that it is but one proposal, and contrasted it to a “by right” development on the site, which could be to minimum standards and exclude any proffers to the county. Making “best use” of the site subject to a zoning modification would give the county leverage to demand proffers, as well as optimal design and landscaping modifications.