F.C. Council Votes Hike in Sewer Rates Without Objections

By a unanimous vote and with almost no discussion, the Falls Church City Council tonight moved to adopt a consultant’s recommendations for a plan to hike sewer rates for City users of the F.C. sewer system. The rates will jump an average of $8 a month for City users, with the additional funds needed almost entirely to meet the City’s obligations for its share of massive water treatment plant upgrades in neighoring jurisdictions where the City’s sewage is treated.

The upgates are required by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to dramatically reduce the emission of nitrogen from the sewage treatment facilities into the Chesapeake Bay, deemed to be critical to the health of the bay. The City’s rate hike to its customers will be used to cover the cost of servicing the bonding needed to cover the City’s share of costs for the upgrades.