Letters to the Editor: December 30,2010 – January 5, 2011

Alleges FCNP Columnist Wrote ‘Bigoted’ Piece


Just when I think Mike Gardner cannot possibly stoop any lower than he has in the past, he writes – and you, his enabler and faithful sidekick publish — the nastiest, most racist, bigoted piece of “journalism” that has ever sullied the pages of this newspaper. His attack on Mayor Nader Baroukh who is, he contends, in contrast to Mrs. Gardner, the embodiment of everything Gardner finds distasteful – immigrant, originally from Iran, Jewish, and apparently by these measures, “profoundly un-American” – is not only dishonest, it is unconscionable.

Gardner’s screed is hate speech, pure and simple, protected by the right to free speech for sure but, I am certain, not the sort of speech the vast majority of citizens of our fair city would wish to have foisted on them. Your willingness to publish it is both sad and ironic, given your sensitivity otherwise to, for example, the civil rights of our GLBT neighbors and friends, who are also unfairly subjected to Gardner’s brand of hostility for no reason other than that they are the way God made them. Surely our Mayor, an honest man of good character, who works diligently for the good of the community, deserves no less sensitivity.

Gardner may not be able to control himself; however, as the editor of our local newspaper, you have a duty to at least aim for civil discourse and honest presentation of not only the news, but but the op ed columns, as well. We are about to start a new year – please try to do better.

Linda Neighborgall

Falls Church


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