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Letters to the Editor: October 28 – November 3, 2010

Explanation Given For Singling Out One Intersection


There is a very, very simple reason that parking has become restricted on South Virginia Avenue and on James Street. If one references page 23 of the DMV manual, it reads: “You may not park: within 20 feet of an intersection.”

The argument that “we have always been able to park there so why take it away” does not tacitly approve the behavior. Someone in City Hall realized that safety trumps convenience in this case. I have lived in Falls Church for 21 years and on many occasion I can recall getting to an intersection where cars were parked right up to the stop sign and have performed my “left, right, left” look—and once I pull out, a car is coming around the bend-which I did not see because my sight line was being blocked by the illegally parked cars.

I think the staff at City Hall deserves praise for recognizing this hazard (oh, did I mention the blocking of storm drains and nowhere to put snow?). I believe that they have more pressing issues to respond to like the fiscal health of the city, not justifying their actions within the boundaries of the law.

Or, could it be a vast conspiracy to force us to sell our extra cars and bike, walk, or take the bus so as to reduce our carbon footprint?…yeah, that’s it.

Scott A. Williamson

Falls Church


Anti-Abortion Protesters Didn’t Condemn Victims


In the Oct. 7-13 issue of the News-Press, Rachel Weatherly’s lengthy letter appeared, where she expressed her frustrations with 100 people who stood outside a church on Broad Street, apparently on a recent Sunday after church, “with signs decrying and damning abortion and those who perform or receive one.” She presumed that after attending church that morning “to listen to the teachings of Christ,” that “[you] felt so self-righteous and superior as to display to the public your judgment on people and situations you know nothing of? Did God come down and empower you to judge others?”

While I did not witness the protest about which Miss Weatherly is upset, I would doubt very seriously that the protesters were damning those who receive abortions, since the anti-abortion movement pretty solidly sees the women receiving abortions as victims just as much as their dead babies. I would also doubt that the Christian protesters feel particularly self-righteous or superior, since Christ clearly teaches that “…all have sinned, and fallen short of the Glory of God,” which certainly includes them at the front of the line! What these Christian protestors have are strong beliefs that abortion–except when the mother’s life is endangered–is evil, and that those who perform them and profit handsomely from doing so are engaged in promoting and carrying out such evil.

Just as many Christians took a strong stand in the fight against, in the fight against Nazism, and in the fight against racial injustice in America, many Christians today see abortion as an evil that must be resisted, just as the evil of slavery needed to be resisted at one time.

While many who claimed to be Christians owned slaves, stood by while Hitler killed millions of Jews and others, endorsed racial inequality, and even today endorse abortion, that did not make the evil practiced any less so. Given that Miss Weatherly has done a “careful study of religions,” and particularly admires Gandhi, perhaps she needs to spend a bit more time studying the principles and methods of protest he endorsed, which the recent one in Falls Church seemed to follow.

Peter A. Byrd

Falls Church


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