Letters to the Editor: October 7 – 13, 2010

Hails Moves By Council to Undo Election Date


Congratulations to the City Council for taking preliminary steps to repeal the January 11, 2010 ordinance changing the date for our Council and School Board elections from May to November.

Repeal is the right thing to do because: 1) the decision-making process needs to be “reset” to allow for adequate study and due diligence, including a referendum, if appropriate; 2) November elections will be politically partisan; 3) November elections will increase the number of voters who do not know and/or care about Council and School Board elections; 4) the January 11, 2010 ordinance conflicts with the City Charter and is therefore probably ineffective; repeal will resolve the conflict; 5) the argument that May elections would somehow be illegal is false; May elections are already mandated by State law as the default position (Virginia Code Sec. 24.2-222); 6) for the same reason, the argument that May elections would be discriminatory or suppress the minority vote is without merit— municipalities throughout Virginia, including the City of Falls Church, have been holding elections in May for decades pursuant to Sec. 24.2-222 without any negative civil rights implications; in fact, it is more reasonable to argue that civil rights issues would be raised by moving from May to November because increased turnout could dilute the effect of the minority vote; 7) the argument that moving from November to May would disenfranchise voters is simply wrongheaded; no one will lose the right to vote; deciding whether to vote or not is purely voluntary; when elections are held does not affect the right to vote.

Lou Mauro

Falls Church


Opposes Displays of Judgment Against Others


I have never been big on religion. I understand that a lot of people find peace and strength in their religion and their churches, but I have never been one of them. I do however have a strong belief system and faith that I’d put up against anyone’s. Both have come from a long and careful study of religions ranging from Catholicism and Protestantism to Islam and Eastern philosophies. I tell you this because I do not want anyone having the idea that I am some heathen that believes anything goes or that I harbor some evil in my soul.

There are many teachings of Jesus that have value, as do other stories from the Bible. I also think one of the most thought-provoking (and correct) statements ever made by a “Holy” person was said by Mohandas Gandhi: “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” The public display I witnessed last week could prove nothing more true.

Outside a church on Broad Street in Falls Church, along both sides of this main drag, a hundred people stood with signs decrying and damning abortion and those who perform or receive one. Really, folks? You got up this morning, went to church to listen to the teachings of Christ and, afterward, felt so self-righteous and superior as to display to the public your judgment on people and situations you know nothing of? Did God come down and empower you to judge others? Are you so perfect that you can stand publicly and cast stones at others? Is your world so black and white as to leave no room for extenuating circumstances? Who do you think you are?

Putting aside my own views on whether or when abortion may be right or wrong, I would never presume to stand in judgment of others when I don’t know anything about them as a person or their situation.

To those protesters who were not seeking to affect law, but instead to cast judgments and shame on others, I ask you to think the next time you preach or quote your Bible, what actions will you have to defend when you are held accountable, what have you done to create harmony in the universe, is there compassion in your heart, words and deeds?

Rachel Weatherly

Falls Church


Favors Cameras to Nail Those That Speed


I was reading an opinion piece about the shooting death in Burke last month of Stephen Carr. This was, apparently, the result of a neighborhood argument over Mr. Carr championing the installation of a “speed hump” in front of his home to slow traffic.

I am always impressed at many people (including myself) slow down when they come across the city’s trailer that displays your speed on a large LED sign. My vote is to extend that process by adding a camera to the trailer and issuing traffic tickets. The people who speed should bear the costs of controlling them. Neighborhood’s with straight streets that happen to be good connectors should not be forced to add bumps, humps, or signage because of their location and geography.

Jan Hertzsch

Falls Church


Girl Scouts Thank 19 Generous F.C. Restaurants


Girl Scout Troup 1251 would like to thank 19 of the City of Falls Church’s most fabulous restaurants for catering lunch for the 20th Annual Falls Church City Clean-Up this Saturday.

Like the Scouts and all the other organizations, families, and individual citizens who came out on Saturday, these businesses believe in giving something back to our community, even in these tough economic times. Here’s the crispy, tender, succulent roll of honor: Anthony’s, Applebee’s, Baja Fresh, Blanca’s, Bread House, Chef Ex-Press, Claire and Don’s, Crisp and Juicy, Domino’s, Flippin Pizza, Haandi, Jerry’s, Original Pancake House, Papa John’s, Pie-Tanza, Quizno’s, Red Hot &Blue, Starbuck’s, Super Chicken. Many thanks!

Girl Scout Troup 1251

Falls Church


Swedish Grand Nephew’s Stint at the FCNP


Our grandnephew, Ludvig, 15-years-old from Sweden was greeted with warmth to do an internship for two weeks at the Falls Church News-Press. We thank everyone at the News-Press for giving him this opportunity to observe and be a part of “getting the news out.”

Dan and Elisabeth Sze

Falls Church


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