2024-05-24 12:49 AM

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Spates of Home Burglaries Continue in Region

During the overnight hours of Tuesday, Sept. 28 into the early morning hours of Wednesday, Sept. 29, seven additional homes were burglarized and an attempt was made to enter one other home in the Oakton area, according to Fairfax County Police. In six of those incidents, the suspect entered through an unlocked door or window; the other two homes were entered by prying doors open.

The McLean Police District was struck the night before. During the overnight hours of Monday, Sept. 27 into the early morning hours of Tuesday, Sept. 28, one home was burglarized and there were attempts to enter three other homes. There are now currently 82 incidents related to this serial burglar. Of those, 53 are burglaries or attempted burglaries. The remaining 29 incidents are larcenies from vehicles, suspicious noises and suspicious persons. These numbers remain fluid and change daily as reports are investigated. The suspect continues to target money, purses and small items. However, two handguns were stolen from a vehicle and police urge residents to use caution should they encounter a burglar in their home. In addition, homeowners are urged to secure their homes, particularly at night, by locking all doors, windows and garage doors.






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