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George Mason H.S. Academic Award Winners Announced


The following eighth- and ninth-grade George Mason High School students were recently recognized for their academic achievements.



GEORGE MASON HIGH School students were recently honored in the annual end-of-year academic award ceremony. (Photo: News-Press)


The following eighth- and ninth-grade George Mason High School students were recently recognized for their academic achievements.


Overall Awards

Outstanding 8th-Grade Boy

Paul Sanders

Outstanding 8th-Grade Girl

Samantha Rolander

Outstanding 9th-Grade Boy

Cal Hannan

Outstanding 9th-Grade Girl

Taylor Briese


English Awards

Outstanding Eighth-Grade students in English

Rebcca Sarfati, Sarah Karstens and Callum Bartlett

Outstanding Freshman in English:

Cal Hannan, Honora Overby, Linet Lopez-Ampuero and Rachel Pugh


Foreign Language Awards

National French Exam Winners

Level 1A

Sally Karsten –  Nova Ranking: 9

Level 1B

Zoe Villamar – Nova Ranking: 1; National Ranking: 2

Joelle Randrianasolo – Nova Ranking: 8; National Ranking: 9

Jackson Fitzsimmons – Nova Ranking: 9; National Ranking: 10

Level 2A

Sarah Macris – Nova Ranking: 9; National Ranking: 10

Poorva Arora – Nova Ranking: 12

Elizabeth Siebel – Nova Ranking: 15

Level 3

Cal Hannan – Nova Ranking: 6; National Ranking: 7

Alex Warren – Nova Ranking: 10


National Spanish Exam Winners

Spanish 1

Gold: Rebecca Sarfati

Silver: Mercedes Arndt

Spanish 2

Gold: Eva Reynolds and Vijay Menon

Silver: Claire Trevisan, Megan Leach and Maeve Curtin

Bronze: Erica Schneider and Katharine Wakely

Spanish 3

Silver: Hannah Beaman


Modern Foreign Language Tournament Winner

3rd Place for Oral Interpretation of Poetry: Lilly Constance

Outstanding Chinese Students

Ashley Ahimbisibwe and Juliet Pasupulati

Oustanding Student in American Sign Language

Julia Mitchell

Outstanding students in Arabic

Phoebe Galt and Honora Overby


Mathematics Awards

Algebra/Geometry I

Diligence Award: Marcela Rodriguez Urias

Achievement Award: Daniel Monahan

Algebra 1

Diligence Award: Grace Houseman

Achievement Award: Lauren Meinhart


Diligence Award: Natacia Gentrup

Achievement Award: Sterling Askin

Advanced Algebra I

Diligence Award: Sarah Marcis

Achievement Award (s): Reca Sarfati and Rebecca Moot

Advanced Geometry

Diligence Award: Linda Lay

Achievement Award: Claire Trevisan


Diligence Award: Margarita Shevchenko

Achievement Award(s): Nicole Zorniak and Joelle Randrianasolo


Physical Education Awards

8th-Grade Girl(s)

Erica Schneider and Lily Constance

8th-Grade Boy(s)

Sebastian Kaye and Nick Newman

9th-Grade Girl (s)

Rachel Croxton and Lauren Bowling

9th-Grade Boy(s)

Alex Green and Cal Hannan


Social Studies Awards

8th Grade

Erica Schneider, Mercedes Arndt, Alex Warner, Rebecca Sarfati, Maeve Curtin, Austin Gogal and Ashley Ahimbisibwe

9th Grade

Calder Hannan, Crystal Luo, Honora Overby, Fae Montgomery, Poorva Arora, Jessica Kemp, Alexandre Misenheimer and Phoebe Galt


Science Awards

8th Grade

Paul Sanders, Jack Stricker, Maeve Curtin and Noelle Darling

9th Grade

Emily Bell, Hannah Beaman, Phoebe Galt and Cal Hannan


Visual & Performing Arts Awards

Excellence in 8th grade-Theater

Sophie DeLeo and Paul Sanders

Excellence in 9th-Grade Theater

Rand Walter, Drisana Sutch and Juliana Morrison

Excellence in 8th-Grade Art

Lauren Meinhart, Mave Curtain, Natalia Rodas-Calderon, Anastasia Tolstikhin, James Kemp, Anna Carlson, Sarah Gomper,Cecelia Wiley,Maria Soshnikova, Kati Pikturna and Rebecca Sarfati


Excellence in 9th-Grade Art

Araba Ankuma, Meredith Brindley, Kata Gal and Alana Ama,Maya King


Excellence in the study of Guitar

Charis Armstrong, Cal Hannan


Director’s Award for Band

Honora Overby


Most Improved for Band

Noah Saberhagen

Outstanding 8th-Grade Band Students

Michael Addo-Ashong, Camille Alsobrook, Vincent Camacho, Wynton Cobb, Preston Custer, Matt Earman, Shayne Ensign, Ryan Fields, Austin Gogal, Emma Hannan, Stevie Lethbridge, John Marshall, Sara Mills, Julianna Rollo, Jade Udeya-Trackman, Jack Ulses and Katharine Wakeley

Outstanding 9th-Grade Band Students

James Andersen, Rachel Baker, Jackie Cornejo, Nathan Cooper, Treliyah Folks, Emily Garrett, Liz Gibson, John Glover, Carrie Gudenkauf, Scott Jackson, Abril Luizaga, Johanna Roche, Tyler Waters, Adam Witzel, Hannah Beaman, Lauren Bowling, Rachel Croxton, Sarah Devlin, Alyssa Forbes, Phoebe Galt, Nathan Frost, Jessica Kemp, Nina Kravinsky, Liam O’Connell, Honora Overby, Jade Taylor, Emma Washa, Julia Western, Susanna Whittle and Kevin Schmidt

8th-Grade Chorus Awards

Ryan Fields and Shannon Upton


9th-Grade Chorus Awards

Nate Campagnoli and Honora Overby


ESOL Awards

8th-Grade Most Outstanding

Giovanna Burdisso Gutierrez

8th-Grade Most Improved

Natanim Teshome


9th-Grade Most improved

Jose Zamora and Linet Lopez-Ampuero