Episcopal Church Ruling Due From Va. Supreme Court Thursday

The Virginia Supreme Court is due to issue its ruling on the property dispute between the Episcopal Church and breakaway congregations at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow, the News-Press has learned. The ruling will establish, among other things, whether the breakaway Anglicans who defected from the Episcopal Church in 2006 will retain the right to occupy the property of the historic Falls Church in downtown City of Falls Church, or whether they must vacate the premises and give them over to the congregation of “continuing Episcopalians,” composed of members of The Falls Church who did not agree to defect, that have been meeting in the fellowship hall of the nearby Falls Church Presbyterian Church.

Regardless of tomorrow’s Supreme Court decision, the Falls Church “continuing Episcopalians” will attend a gathering of Episcopalian leaders from all across Virginia Saturday in Frederickburg, and on Sunday, June 20, the Episcopal Bishop of Virginia, the Rev. Shannon Johnston, will meet with the Falls Church “continuing Episcopalian” congregation.