F.C. Sewer Rehab Project Underway

The City of Falls Church has begun its annual sanitary sewer rehabilitation project.  The project will include lining approximately 9,100 linear feet of sewer main with polyester resin on the following streets: Brice Street, Cleave Drive, East Broad Street, Ellison Street, Greenwich Street, Great Falls Street, Hillwood Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Linden Lane, Meridian Street, Parker Street, Patterson Street, Scipio Lane, Shirley Street, South Oak Street and South Washington Street.

The project is part of the Department of Environmental Services Public Utilities Division Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer System Improvement Plan developed in 2003 which outlines a phased program of sewer system evaluation and rehabilitation.  This rehabilitation extends the life of the existing sewer mains and, by reducing the amount of inflow of storm water and ground water, is expected to reduce the treatment costs paid by the City. The project began in early May when AM-Liner East, Inc. began inspecting the sewer lines to be rehabilitated.

The second phase of the project, which involves the insertion of a new liner into the sewer main, is expected to begin sometime in mid-May and continue through the end of June.  Customers will be notified and provided with more detailed information shortly before the sewer line serving their residence is scheduled for rehabilitation.

For more information about this project, contact the Public Utilities Division at 703-248-5070 (TTY 711).