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Picking Splinters: Jam-Packed Spring Mailbag

With major motion in just about every sport this week, I thought I’d take a dive into the magic mailbag to cover as much ground as possible. On to the questions.

With major motion in just about every sport this week, I thought I’d take a dive into the magic mailbag to cover as much ground as possible. On to the questions.



Was I dreaming when I was on Twitter Tuesday morning or did I actually see @pckngsplinters credit the Redskins with making a good trade by acquiring Donovan McNabb?

Perplexed and eager for praise,

Dan S.

Dan, you did indeed see said tweet. However, I realize now that it may have been a little impulsive. Here’s the thing: I liked the trade because I really like Donovan McNabb. He’s a class act, a great leader and a heckuva QB. However, he has one thing in common with 90 percent of his new teammates in Washington: he was born during the Teddy Roosevelt administration.

The ‘Skins are old. And they’re not aging like fine wine. Their aging like boxed wine. The reason their offensive line keeps falling apart every season is because their lineman are old and injured. Most of their other key players aren’t spring chickens either — Clinton Portis, Larry Johnson, Santana Moss. Washington needs an influx of youth and the best way to add that is through the draft. So, dealing away a high draft pick for an aging QB, even an elite aging QB, doesn’t make much sense to me now.


Mr. Hume,

How did you enjoy the men’s college basketball title game?

Mike K.

I spent 40 minute watching two teams that my Georgetown Hoyas beat by a combined 19 points compete for a national championship. How do you think I enjoyed it? Someone get me another pint of bitter.



Caps=Cup? Discuss.

Ted L.

Ted, I appreciate the brevity, seeing as how we’re on a tight word count here. The answer is unquestionably “yes” if they get good goaltending in the playoffs. In recent days both Jose Theodore and Semyon Varlamov have been so-so in the net. So-so goalies don’t get their names engraved in the Stanley Cup. And Washington will need its netminders in top form because the defense has not been tremendous of late. I can’t remember the last game I’ve watched in which Joe Corvo hasn’t been spun around 360-degrees by his man and then had to retrieve the puck from the back of the net. Since coming to the Caps at the trade deadline, Corvo is a team-worst minus-5. The Caps are the best 5-on-5 team in the NHL, so that Corvo has posted that mark in just 16 games is really disturbing.

Until that blue line tightens up and the goalies show they can make the big save in crunch time, even the NHL’s best team in the regular season is no sure thing in the playoffs.



Will Tiger ever recover from his transgressions or is he done for?

Jack N.

The greatest golfer in the world is not “done for.” He will have the opportunity to win back his fans just like other great athletes (Kobe Bryant) and public figures (President Bill Clinton) have been able to by doing what they do best. Tiger may not win at Augusta this weekend, but he will win again. And more than likely he’ll dominate again. And when he does, he is a lot of fun to watch.

When Kobe strokes a game-winning buzzer-beater, no one is thinking of his trial in Colorado. At least not the fans that keep making his jersey the best-selling piece of NBA apparel out there. Does that make what Tiger did okay? Of course not, but it’s hard to hold a grudge. It takes a lot of work. And I’m just not sure there are tons of golf fans out there willing to shun Tiger and rally around Ben Curtis or Ernie Els.

He may not have the same level of respect or adulation he enjoyed before — in fact, I’d be shocked if he did — but this weekend is just the start of his road back and he has more than enough skill to navigate it.


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