Letters to the Editor: January 14 – 20, 2010

Youths Dropped Christmas Tree in Wrong Place


On Thursday afternoon, January 7, three young girls were dragging a Christmas tree down Cleave Drive (just off Hillwood Avenue) toward Azalea Park.  They dragged the tree into the park where it appeared they were going to leave it.

My wife went out and spoke to the girls to let them know that it was not OK to leave the tree in the park (or to throw it into the creek in the park).  They were very cordial and agreed that they weren’t going to leave the tree there.  They duly began to drag the tree out of the park and disappeared out of sight.  When I went out today (Friday), I noticed that they had simply dragged the tree across the street from the park and left it in a stand of bamboo and bushes in the back of a neighbor’s yard.

Given the young age of the girls, it is unlikely that they came up with the idea to dump the tree in our park on their own.  So, it appears that an adult who lives in or around Hillwood 1) has the audacity to think it’s OK to use our neighborhood as a dumping ground and 2) is irresponsibly teaching young children that such activity is acceptable.

If this adult is a reader of this newspaper, I would hope that he would want to correct this situation, remove the tree from the neighbor’s yard and dispose of it properly.

Roger Wilson

Falls Church


Many Fond Memories of Valleybrook


My daughter Connie Jo, my son-in-law, A.V. and I were on a trip to Northern Virginia last month to visit my son, Brett, and his family. Since we were in the area, we decided to stop by Valleybrook, once a private school in Falls Church.

As most of you know, it had changed. I must admit, it was a little depressing seeing it non-functioning at the first of September. So many memories and moments flooded my mind, all of them made by the wonderful parents and precious children that attended there from 1971-1988.  We didn’t have a yellow brick road but we did have a black circular driveway that was magical. There was an aura about Valleybrook that I cannot put into words, but if you were there you knew what it was. Last but not least was the staff of Valleybrook, all exceptional people. My love, gratitude and thanks go out to all the wonderful, special people who made Valleybrook the rare place that it was. I pray that it will live on in your hearts as it will in mine.

Bill Lucas

Via the Internet

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