Around F.C.

Critter Corner: December 24 – 30, 2009

Daisy is certainly not a wilting flower. In fact this playful pup  loves the snow. She was only too happy for the big storm and cheered as the snow continued all day and night last Saturday. While others moaned and shoveled, Daisy frolicked.Daisy-Maller---Maller

While others bundled up against the cold, Daisy rolled in the icy white flakes. While others hurried to get indoors, Little Miss Daisy ran around in snowy circles, dug icy holes and tried to build a doggie igloo. In her enthusiasm, she jumped around much like a happy bunny upon stumbling upon a fresh patch of clover. There are some dogs who don’t even want to walk on snow covered roads or venture to sniff a flake laced lawn. They raise their paws and look at their humans with something like disgust in their eyes. A look that says “Why are you doing this to me?” To that Daisy smiles and simply says “Give me more!”