F.C. City Cancels Leaf Mulch Delivery

The City of Falls Church is discontinuing leaf mulch delivery due to budget constraints.

Beginning early February, the City will provide free double-ground leaf mulch which will be available for pickup at the Recycling Center at 217 Gordon Road.

The leaf mulch is produced from leaves that were vacuumed from streets in the fall, and, according to a F.C. City press release, the leaf mulch program accomplishes two important goals:

* Saving tax dollars. Every fall, Department of Environmental Services Operations Staff vacuum approximately 5,000 cubic yards of leaves from the curb. It is far less expensive to recycle the leaves into mulch and offer it back to residents than it is to haul the leaves away and pay to dispose of them.

* Bringing life back to soil. Adding leaf mulch to your soil will naturally turn clay-rich soil into nutrient-rich soil that is healthier for your trees and plants- with zero waste in the process.

For more information about the leaf mulch program, call the Environmental Programs Specialist at 703-248-5176 (TTY 711) or visit .