‘The Little City’ New ‘Brand’ for F.C. Wins Praise From Leaders

“The Little City” brand for the City of Falls Church, developed by the SmithGifford marketing firm and unveiled last week was formally presented to the Falls Church City Council at a work session Monday, and won high praise from the mayor and other members of the Council.

Matt Smith, principal at Smith Gifford and a Falls Church resident, made an enthusiastic presentation of the branding effort and how it could be used to bring cohesion and economic development to Falls Church.

Although comments on local blogs have been mixed in the first days, Smith said he was very heartened by the fact that opinion is running about 50-50 at this point, although he conceded that given the extent of professional expertise and year’s worth of effort that went into the brand’s development, some online comments “have to the taken with a grain of salt.”

He said, “I am extremely happy and excited, it has hit an emotional hot button.” He added, “This will succeed. I have no doubt.” In a comment on the Falls Church News-Press‘ web site, he noted that the branding effort “is final and our client is the EDA (Economic Development Authority – ed.),” adding that “Many of the executions are already underway.”

The News-Press learned that a bumper sticker featuring “The Little City” is in the works.

“It is much more than three words,” Smith wrote. “It was an honor to present the complete idea to the Council.” Follow-on presentations to the Falls Church School Board and the Chamber of Commerce were slated.

Mayor Robin Gardner stated Monday, “I love your enthusiasm, Matt. I think the concept is wonderful.” Councilman Dan Sze quipped, “Go forth and make it happen.” Councilman Dan Maller said, “It says something about the City. I am excited about this.”

Councilman Nader Baroukh said, “I am cautiously supportive,” adding he hoped to get more feedback on how will go over with the Falls Church business community, in particular, and Councilman Lawrence Webb said, “You’ve sold me. It’s only going to be a positive move for us.”

Falls Church’s Public Information Office Barbara Gordon hailed the brand’s simplicity and succinctness, adding “It’s so positive.” City Manager Wyatt Shields said that a steering committee will now be formed to direct how the campaign will be “rolled out” into the life of the community and its outreach.