Letters to the Editor: October 29 – November 4, 2009

Hails FCNP Editorial ‘No State For Old Prejudices’


Kudos for your October 15-21 editorial, “No State for Old Prejudices”. I already intend to vote Democrat and forCreigh Deeds, in the Nov. 3 gubernatorial election.

I much appreciate further facts about Bob McDonnell’s appalling, regressive record and huge detriment to progressive business and employers, which you pointed out, for the sake of Virginia citizens of all backgrounds,-families, men, women and children.

From his service for eight years on Regents University Board and the “Thesis” at age 34. This would be a disgrace to a Commonwealth that has delivered Doug Wilder, Mark Warner, Jim Moran, Jim Webb, Barack Obama and many others at every level.

Yes, people throughout this great state,-get the lead out, and keep Virginia strong, proud and on the path forward, not backward. ~Excellent, persuasive, and well done editorial. I like the News-Press-much more diverse, professional and broad than what is available in McLean, where I reside.

Keep up the good work.

Pam Chafin-Stigall




Problem Solving Not Partisan Agenda in Vote


I want to thank the Falls Church News-Press for their endorsements of the Deeds/Wagner/Shannon ticket, as well as Delegates Vanderhye (34th) and Scott (53rd) and FCPS School Board Member Kaye Kory (38th).  This lineup of candidates appeals to our Falls Church community because they share our progressive values, but are more interested in problem-solving on our behalf than advancing a partisan agenda.  I want to urge voters to recognize that, without exception, each of the republican candidates in these races is blatantly retreating from our core values in Northern Virginia.

Make no mistake, if the Democrats do not win in these races, we will see substantial cuts in education funding from the state, and continued deadlock and division on transportation, woman’s rights and public safety.

Democrats must turn out on November 3rd to vote for the candidates who are true to our values in Northern Virginia.

Tina Hone

School Board Member-at-Large

Fairfax County Public Schools



Says Rights Extends to Conception


Besides Nicholas Benton getting the date of President Franklin Roosevelt’s fourth inauguration off by over a year, upon a careful reading of the speech itself, there was nothing said by the president in that inaugural about a “Second Bill of Rights.”  Assuming FDR probably made such comments at some point (and probably on the 1/11/44 date listed), what actually was the occasion of this speech?

I am pleased to hear that Mr. Benton fully supports the United Nations’ “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” adopted in 1948, and with Eleanor Roosevelt (who was FDR’s widow at that point, not his spouse) as one of the key writers of the document.  Mrs. Roosevelt later said of the declaration, “it may well become the Magna Carta of all men everywhere.”  Frankly, I am surprised that Mr. Benton supports the declaration, given his support for abortion.  Article 3 of the U.N. Declaration says specifically, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.”  Couldn’t be much clearer about the absolute basic right of a person to be born–once conceived–could it?

Peter Byrd

Falls Church