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Falls Church News Briefs: October 29 – November 4, 2009

F.C. Citizens Group Mulls Changing Election Date

Falls Church’s Citizens for a Better City (CBC) organization has slated a special public forum for tonight, Oct. 29, to obtain input on the merits, or lack thereof, of moving the date of municipal elections in the City of Falls Church from May to November.

Two members of the F.C. City Council are considering a resolution to move the date of the City Council and School Board elections from May to November, beginning next year. Councilmen Dan Sze and Lawrence Webb met recently with City Attorney John Foster, who opined that the switch could be enacted by a vote of the Council on a resolution. The case for moving the date is to capture a higher voter turnout, as May elections have historically brought out far fewer voters than November elections in Falls Church. The meeting will be tonight, Oct. 29, at 7:30 p.m. in the Community Room at The Byron, 500 W. Broad St.



F.C. Files Final Brief in Trial vs. Fairfax Water

Last week, the City of Falls Church filed its final 32-page written brief in its defense against Fairfax Water’s lawsuit charging the City’s Water System from operating unconstitutionally. Fairfax Water was slated to present its final written rebuttal to Fairfax Circuit Court Judge Terrence Nye yesterday. Having heard oral arguments last month and with the written summaries submitted from both sides this month, Judge Nye is expected to rule on the case by late November, at the earliest. All the latest documents are available in full on the City’s web site.


EDA to Consider EFC Metro, Leasing of EDA-Owned Land

At next Tuesday’s meeting of the Falls Church Economic Development Authority, a presentation on East Falls Church Metro and transit-oriented development will be made by Richard Tucker of the Arlington County Planning and Zoning Office. Also, the EDA will consider leasing the so-called Podolnick property, adjacent the old Post Office site on W. Broad. That property, which temporarily housed the 2 Sisters Coffee, was targeted for commercial development under the now-stalled City Center Plan, and a business called Garden Masters is seeking to lease it.


F.C. Council Delays Towing, Planning Group Votes

With only five members present (Mayor Robin Gardner and David Snyder absent), the Falls Church City Council Monday deferred votes on both the formation of a controversial new “Long-Range Financial Planning” group and the second reading of an ordinance restricting the practice of involuntary so-called “predatory” towing in the City. The Council found itself at loggerheads on fine-tuned language on the formation of the proposed new group. On the towing issue, the deferral was without discussion, with City Manager Wyatt Shields reporting that talks were on-going between City Hall and some of the commercial property owners that have contracted for the current towing practice.


Libel Vs. News-Press Removed from Pro-GOP Blog

A representative of the pro-GOP “Virginia Virtucon” on-line blog acknowledged and corrected a libel of the Falls Church News-Press Tuesday, after News-Press Owner Editor Nicholas Benton demanded a retraction and apology. The blog, which backs GOP Gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell in the upcoming Nov. 3 election, in its listing of newspapers endorsing McDonnell’s opponent, State Sen. Creigh Deeds, derisively commented under the listing of the News-Press that the News-Press is “run by Lyndon LaRouche devotees.” Benton charged malicious libel and Jim Riley, representing the “Virtucon” blog, replied, “Our information was incorrect and it will be corrected shortly with a retraction.” The correction and retraction were made.





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