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Senator Whipple’s Richmond Report

mmwhipplemugVote Tuesday!

Falls Church almost always votes in high numbers and I certainly hope that good performance will be repeated this year.

A Presidential race always excites the voters and there are generally many new voters. That was certainly true last year when President Obama was elected. In fact 500,000 new voters showed up for the Democratic primary.

Regrettably other election years don’t have the same excitement and intensity and so the turnout is usually much lower. That’s really too bad because the elections this year will have very real consequences for our Commonwealth.

Not only do Governors establish policy for all areas of state government: education; economic development; natural resources; public safety; health and human services, but they make hundreds if not thousands of appointments including the members of the Boards of Visitors of our colleges and universities, and will shape and sign the crucial redistricting bill in 2011.

Do not underestimate the gravity of the choices to be made next Tuesday!

Under Governors Warner and Kaine, Virginia has maintained our AAA bond rating, been named best-managed state, best state for business, and best state for a child to be born for the greatest chance of future success.

Senator Creigh Deeds is best positioned to continue the Warner-Kaine tradition of good government, practical and pragmatic solutions to our problems, including job creation, and approaching human issues with a kind and caring heart.

I have known Creigh for years as a fellow Senator and before that as a member of the House of Delegates. I have complete faith in his judgment, his honesty, his values, and know that he has the courage of his convictions.

We can trust him to do what’s right for Virginia.

Jody Wagner is the Democratic nominee for Lieutenant Governor, an uncommonly talented and intelligent woman who has served as Mark Warner’s appointee as Treasurer of the Commonwealth, and as Tim Kaine’s Secretary of Finance. A lawyer, a wife and mother of four, and small business owner, she is perfectly prepared for this position.

I came to the Senate with Bill Bolling the current Lt. Governor who has been a great supporter of Jim Gilmore and a very conservative Senator. He has a horrible record of attendance at his statutorily required commission meetings,

going only about 6% of the time.

Many of you probably know Steve Shannon, candidate for Attorney General. A former assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Fairfax and member of the House of Delegates, Steve will be a great Attorney General. He is opposed by Ken Cuccinelli, another fellow Senator, and probably the most conservative person I have encountered. He makes no secret of his plans to make radical change in Virginia, stating, for example, that he won’t defend Virginia laws that he thinks are unconstitutional.

Important choices will also be made on Tuesday for members of the House of Delegates. My choices are Delegate Jim Scott for reelection; School Board member and Democratic candidate for the House, Kaye Kory; and Delegate Bob Brink for reelection.