Report of $4 Million Shortfall in Falls Church City Budget Portends Immediate Cuts, Layoffs

An on-line blog reported today that documents issued to Falls Church City Council members Friday, which city officials hoped would be be held in confidence until Monday, were apparently leaked that indicate a startling $4 million net revenue shortfall, out of a total budget of $66 million, for the Fiscal Year 2009 that ended last June 30, If true, it is a development that will undoubtedly trigger immediate program cuts and personnel layoffs in the City’s operations and school services.

The revenues that came to the City to cover costs for FY09, according to the report, were $7 million below projections,and were offset by about $3 million in reduced expenditures over the course of the year.

The shortfall does not include those that may be incurred during the current fiscal year since July 1, which are also expected to be steep.

As of Saturday night, City officials had yet to confirm or deny the on-line blog report to the News-Press, but the details of the shortfalls, which the News-Press in its lead story Thursday indicated would be forthcoming, will be spelled out iln detail to a joint session of the F.C. City Council and School Board on Monday in City Hall at 7:30 p.m