Letters to the Editor: September 24 – 30, 2009

School Board Seeking Citizens as Advisers


This year, the Falls Church City School Board set a specific goal to “fill the bus” and better engage the community.  In that context, the school board is asking more citizens to become involved by serving on advisory committees. Right now, the school board needs volunteers to serve on the Student Health Advisory Board and the Family Life Advisory Committee.

These advisory groups meet monthly or as needed to offer a community perspective on student health and wellness issues of the day and on related curriculum, including topics such as the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus and sex education. The recommendations from these committees help guide the board’s decision-making process and ensure that school board policies are in line with the wishes of the community.

Any member of the community is eligible to serve. To volunteer, contact school board deputy clerk Marty Gadell at gadellm@fccps.org or at 703-248-5601. To learn more about these and other school board advisory committees, please visit: www.fccps.org/board/committees.htm.

Thank you for your ongoing support and involvement in our schools!

Ron Peppe, F.C.School Board Chair &

Joan Wodiska, F.C. School Board Vice Chair

Speeding, Running Stop Lights on W. Broad

I would like to ask Falls Church drivers, myself included, to exercise a bit more patience when behind the wheel.
I live on West Broad St. and have lost count of the number of accidents and near misses that occur when drivers try to save a few seconds by speeding through red lights. I was nearly hit in the crosswalk yesterday by a motorist who wanted to save a micro-second and ran the traffic light.
An old Dutch proverb says that, “An ounce of patience is worth a pound of brains,” so I hope patience will become a virtue that we take more seriously.
Dan Campbell
Falls Church


All Opponents to Health Care Reform Racists?


It was certainly not a surprise that I read that everyone who criticizes the president is a racist, according to FCNP editor. It  has to be true. Remember Bill Clinton, accused of racism during the primaries for criticizing Senator Obama, or the entire state of Pennsylvania for voting for Hillary, or Indiana? All racist, gun-loving, Bible-toting – remember Bill Clinton walking around with that well worn Bible – more proof – to be sure. Now, anyone who does not want government controlled health care has to be a racist – because they oppose something the post-racial president wants.

Next, we will learn that the Poles and the Czechs, angry about the cancellation of the missile defense, are really just closet – or not so closet – racists. Further proof is that Carter has blessed this view and of  course that there were goofy people attending a political rally? Ever go to an anti-war rally? Want to see some really dumb stuff said check some of those folks out. Really, is there any kind of left wing kool-aid that our FCNP editor won’t drink?

Dave Phelps

Falls Church


Video Makers Hail Column’s Reference to Them

Chase and I wanted to thank Nicholas Benton for his kind words in his piece “Carter’s Charges of Racism Are ‘Spot On’.” The response we’ve received about the video has been overwhelming; we just hope we’ve been able to shine some light upon the massive disinformation campaign being propagated by Beck, Hannity, Rush and Co.
We hope to create a series of videos bringing attention to the entire breadth of contemporary American politics. Again, thank you.
Eric Stoll & Chase Whitehead
New Left Media


Outburst’s Lack of Respect for Obama


The issue regarding Rep. Joe Wilson shouting “You Lie” at the President is not that he called Obama a liar. Politicians call each other liars all the time. Under Bush, Democrats made it quite clear that they felt the President was not being honest.

The issue is Wilson’s yelling out during a joint session of Congress while being addressed by the President. The issue is the shouting, the belligerent tone, the disrespect for decorum, the fact that Wilson seemed to think he was attending a lynching, rather than a televised conference of the highest political bodies in the land. Research the Vietnam War era, the Iraq war under Bush, and you’ll find not a single instance of a Democratic congressmember shouting at the President while congress was in session.

So what’s up with Wilson, then? The man honestly believes that President Obama is not worthy of simple courtesy.

Chuck Weisss

Via the Internet


McDonnell Voting Record in Line with His Thesis


I saw Bob McDonnell’s ad on TV saying that he no longer agree with the views he expressed in the paper he wrote as a graduate student in law school. The Washington Post lists all the laws he sponsored representing those views. McDonnell lies.

Jay Rubin

Falls Church