F.C. City Hall Confirms Reports of Plans for Tougher Towing Ordinance

Officials at the Falls Church City Hall confirmed to the News-Press today reports circulating on the blogosphere that the City Council will begin consideration of a markedly-tougher ordinance to deter “predatory towing” in the City. In what could become law by mid-October, the Council will take a set of recommendations by its Towing Advisory Board (TAB) under consideration at a work session on Sept. 21.

The TAB voted 2-1 to recommend a second signature on every tow (the first being the agreement between the property owner and the towing company and the second being a signature at the time of the tow by the property’s owner or his representative). But the TAB also recommended an increase in the cost to vehicle owners per tow, and against requiring phyiscal evidence, such as a photograph, at the scene of every tow to demonstrate its justification, as allowed under state law. City officials said today there is no guarantee which of the TAB’s recommendations will be adopted, especially as there is considerable public pressure to stiffen the new law as much as possible.