Letters to the Editor: August 27 – September 2, 2009

Says Health Care Reform is ‘Socialism’


Oh, how I love to read the kool-aid drinker’s views. I can usually get to around the third sentence before a columnist like Benton exposes himself and starts with the lies to make his point.

Only line two for you, Mr. Benton. The GOP and we, who you characterize on the lunatic fringe, aren’t trying to kill reform – those are donkey party talking points. Reform would be stopping illegal immigration, which taxes the health care system. Reform would be allowing policies to be portable, like a cell phone number is portable. If you have this urge to universalize things – start with tort lawsuits. Those, sir are legitimate reforms that we on the lunatic fringe could support. Stop lying by calling a government control of health care “reform”. It’s not reform. It’s socialism.


You write “Everyone guilty of disingenuous misdirection of the debate on health care reform deserves the kind of response that Rep. Frank provided.” Do you include yourself?

Phillip Perricelli

Via the Internet


‘Sociopathic’ is Preferable Term To ‘Stupid’


In the August 13th Falls Church News Press article Glen Beck’s Blatant Racism: these “stupid” Becks, Hannitys, Dobbs, Limbaughs Buchanans etc should be given the special consideration they have earned as enemies of humankind.

But they aren’t just “stupid” and “greedy.” They’re middle-aged infants who basically are sociopaths and narcissists. And the only way they know to get the attention they never got in childhood is to incite hatred, violence, and engender more deception. Yes they are stupid because they’re unable to differentiate between what is harmful and what is not.  Sociopathic is a term you may have preferred to use, but alas, in newspapers that might be a problem.

This is all my own independent opinion.

Dave Danze