Letters to the Editor: July 30 – August 5, 2009

Says ‘Little League, Love it or Leave it’


What Little League atheist Bob Ritter is driving for is not “Religious Freedom” it is “Religious Oppression.” He is petitioning to suppress religious language from the Falls Church league’s pledge and opening ceremonies. The F. C. Little League is a private organization and has had the religious language as part of their opening ceremonies since before Bob Ritter and his son willing joined this organization.

It is an arrogant position to expect a private organization to bend to the desire of an individual or individuals when they voluntarily and knowingly join under the existing rules and traditions and these rules and traditions do not violate the law.

Nothing was kept hidden from Mr. Ritter. I respect his position and if he believes so strongly on principal I would recommend that he be a shining example to his son and locate another league to join that is more in line with his atheist beliefs.

Patrick Parnell


Conservation Aid Should Be in Form of Loans


Putting a substantial part of the “stimulus” money into energy conservation and alternative energy sources would seem “the way” to go for providing jobs here, for developing some protection against increases in oil prices impairing economic recovery, as a part of actions to address climate change and for a viable long-term energy future beyond “peak oil.”

Where there is a reasonable prospect that the savings would pay for the front end investment, that investment should be a loan. Since such Federal assistance would be borrowed money, the interest rate should be what the U.S. government is paying, plus a reasonable administrative fee. To the maximum extent possible, such loans should be the preferred means for providing Federal assistance.

Jim Brieling

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Public Option Health Care the ‘Best Choice’


I believe that the argument over whether we should have public option has been tainted with the idea that such a system would be economically harmful. Some think that a public option would be a strong impediment to free market capitalism in the insurance business. Many balk at the admittedly intimidating price tag required to bring about reform.

I think that we need to take a careful look at our current healthcare system.  Fifteen percent of our GDP is spent on healthcare alone, which is responsible for a large percentage of bankruptcies in this country. We pay twice as much as the nearest industrialized nation for a system that consistently delivers low rankings in life expectancy and infant mortality. We aren’t getting the results that we’re paying for.

Meanwhile, other countries continue to adapt. China is currently considering adopting a national health care plan. Chinese workers on average save 40% of their incomes in paying and preparing for health care issues. With a national plan, that sequestered income can be better put to use in spending and investment. In my opinion, the facts are clear – public option healthcare is the best financial choice.

Mica Moore

Falls Church

Morrison Hailed as ‘Kind Human Being’


Bob Morrison, the former Falls Church City Treasurer who passed away this month, was a kind and astute human being. He was an original member of the Tinner Hill Board of Directors, and our original treasurer. We will miss his wise and generous presence in our community. Bob was a kind and generous member of our community, and he will be greatly missed.

Edwin Henderson

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Trevor Hall ‘Down to Earth’ In Recent Show


We saw Trevor Hall, featured in your “Press Pass” last week, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. on July 18. It was a good intimate show, while he danced and played guitar barefoot. He’s a nice guy too. He came down and talked to fans after the show, we got his “john hancock” and he took pictures with fans. Very down to earth.


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Anglican Polity Not Considered in Column


Regarding Wayne Besen’s column last week, it would be nice if he had had some clue about the polity of the Anglican Communion. It tires me to see gay rights “activists” who take it upon themselves to judge others when they themselves don’t want to be judged. While I certainly didn’t agree with the Archbishop’s admonition at the beginning of the General Convention to call him amoral is at best disrespectful.

Jim Brieling

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