Letters to the Editor: July 23 – 29, 2009

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Never Shops in F.C. Due to Towing



After reading several years ago about the problem with predatory towing at the big lot on Broad Street with the Giant and other stores, I simply stopped shopping there for the most part and now shop in Arlington, Alexandria, or Washington. I used to patronize their grocery store, the Haandi Indian restaurant, the Hallmark (now closed), Chicken-on-the-Run (also closed), and the Staples and CVS further down the street.

I now buy Indian food near my office in D.C. There is a Staples within walking distance of my office, or there is also one at Crosswinds near Columbia Pike.  There is a fabulous Hallmark in the Bradlee Center in Alexandria. There is a Chicken-on-the-Run in McLean and at Bradlee in Alexandria. There are plenty of grocery stores and drug stores in Arlington or other nearby places to choose from.

Lee-Harrison Center in Arlington has an Elevation Burger and Pie-tanza. No reason to go to Falls Church to use those locations and wonder if I will be towed. Of course, that means my money is going to other jurisdictions.

I still go to the Falls Church library sometimes and have to deal with the parking hassle. I only go at night or on weekends. It’s too bad that the Broaddale management won’t let library patrons use their lot after the pancake house closes at 3 p.m.; there seem to be plenty of empty parking spaces (at least in the side lot on Virginia Avenue) in the evenings which go unused. Since the library is not open on Friday, Sat., and Sunday evenings, we are only talking about Monday through Thursday nights.

There are areas outside the City of Falls Church that seem more than happy to serve me and not make me wonder if my car will be missing when I return with my purchases, so that’s where I spend much of my money.

Kathleen Haberger

Falls Church


Arlingtonian is Happy Shopping in Falls Church



Barbara Paris of SmithGifford Communications wrote in her letter published in the July 2 – 8 edition that Falls Church’s “nearby neighbors see … shopping that does not help them with their everyday needs.” Nothing could be further from the truth for this Arlington family: If it’s a household or garden item and Brown’s Hardware doesn’t have it, I probably don’t need it. Several of the garments in my closet are fabulous finds from New to You. Our cats are healthy because of the products stocked by the Feline Veterinary Clinic. The farmer’s market puts conscientiously-grown vegetables and meats on our table. We’re delighted to see Stifel & Capra in their big new space and have already made a couple of purchases there. Penzies Spices’ aromatic jars are on my shelves and will be in my gift-giving plans in the future. I’ve purchased yoga mats and workout clothes from Dancing Mind Yoga. If we need a gallon of milk on the way home, the CVS or 7-11 has it. Bedo’s has done amazing custom leather work for us. Red, White, and Bleu has tasty treats as well as fascinating wines. Staples keeps our home printers stocked with paper. Natalia’s provides desserts for our special occasions.

Rarely, if ever, have I had trouble finding a place to park. Sure, Broad Street has been a mess with the construction, but those of us who shop regularly in Falls Church know the back routes to our favorite stores. If the center of town gets a facelift, so much the better, but make sure any improvements allow all the wonderful locally owned stores to thrive. I’m a big supporter of the 3/50 project (www.the350project.net), which encourages people to spend $50 among three locally owned businesses each month. I spend that much and sometimes more, almost all of it on “everyday needs” in Falls Church.

Sue Mosher



Poor Parking Lot Access to Post Office



The new “state-of-the-art” Falls Church Main Post Office in the “flower” building at 800 Broad has one very big problem: it’s hard to get in and hard to get out of the street level parking lot. The entrance is also the exit and it’s narrow. There is no dividing line or sign to keep entering and exiting traffic separate, so it’s easy to get “stuck” halfway in, waiting for someone to exit while you are trying to enter. When I tried to turn left into the lot today, a large USPS vehicle was coming out, blocking the entire access. I had to stop and actually back up to get out of its way, thus blocking traffic in both directions, and inviting a lovely epithet from a passing motorcyclist. (Thanks, Friend! I saw your bumper sticker too!) If you are exiting the parking lot, don’t even think about turning left! An employee I talked to today said A NO LEFT TURN sign is definitely in order. The parking lot is a “safety hazard,” according to the Falls Church PO Manager, Kevin Linder, who kindly agreed to talk to the Postmaster about it when I stopped by the 301 Broad location today to complain.

Here we go again – let’s squeeze too many people into a tight space and create more traffic hassles and more stress. Just what we need in NoVa!

Rachel M. Clark

Falls Church


Libertarians Vs. Government Ban on Gay Marriage



I just had to reply to the letter where the writer claimed to be libertarian then went on to express how & why he was against “same sex marriage,” but was for equal rights. I’m a libertarian, and I can assure everyone that this hypocritical, irrational spouting of bigoted nonsense is an indication of somebody who is definitely not a libertarian. A libertarian friend of mine, who stands about 5’5”, once said, “I can claim to be a starting power forward for the Boston Celtics. Doesn’t make it true.”

The Libertarian platform, in fact, speaks directly to this:

“Sexual orientation, preference, gender, or gender identity should have no impact on the rights of individuals by government, such as in current marriage, child custody, adoption, immigration or military service laws. Consenting adults should be free to choose their own sexual practices and personal relationships. Government does not have the authority to define, license or restrict personal relationships.”

Libertarians believe that government shouldn’t have any say whatsoever about whom you love or marry. That’s totally up to you. As long as government does force itself into the equation, equal access to these rights should be given to all without discrimination.

Why is this controversial?

The best sets of parents I know are gay; two of the top 5, and I’d have to think a bit to name the other three (No offense to my straight friends; I don’t count myself among the top five).

I’d also like to ask this question of those who want the government to enforce their religious beliefs: do you really want the government in the business of regulating your sacraments? Please give this some thought. Ask for the government to step in now to forbid gay marriage, and you set the precedent for them to require your church to bestow sacraments against its’ beliefs down the road.

Dan Fitzgerald

Falls Church


Hundreds of Parents Haven’t Signed Pledge



As the parent of a child participating in the Falls Church Kiwanis Little League (FCKLL), I fully support Michael Deeley and the FCKLL Board’s decision to keep God in the program.  Falls Church News-Press (FCNP) reports that after 20 hours of effort, Mr. Ritter’s petition to remove God from the FCKLL pledge and ceremonies obtained only 30 supporters (some of which were the children of those signing the pledge).

In its usual biased reporting, FCNP chose not to cover half of the story, ignoring the hundreds of parents, extended family, and friends who attended FCKLL games and events and chose not to sign Mr. Ritter’s petition (10 adults and 5 minors in my family alone who attended events where Mr. Ritter was present, our one family supplying an opposition opinion equaling half of the pledge count Mr. Ritter obtained in 20 hours of effort).  Clearly FCNP is attempting to conjur support for Mr. Ritter outside FCKLL.  It is pointless to debate in this forum Mr. Ritter’s erroneous premise of liberating people from that which does not bind them, or his serious attack on freedom of speech.

Heaven help this country if efforts like Mr. Ritter’s ever completely remove God from our public forums or silence public expressions of prayer.  God bless and protect Michael Deeley, the FCKLL Board, and the FCKLL players, families, and friends … and God bless and protect our One Nation Under GOD, for In GOD We Trust!

Mary Keegan

Falls Church

*(Editor’s Note: Numerous attempts were made to contact FCKLL board and family members, without reply.)