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Providence Players, Falls Church Locals Stage Mystery, ‘Rehearsal for Murder’

Starting this weekend, the Providence Players of Fairfax, including Falls Church residents Patrick David and Christian Faulkner, will stage a tantalizing performance of the drama “Rehearsal for Murder” at their home theater in the James Lee Community Center.PPlayers-028.jpg

“Rehearsal for Murder,” directed by longtime Player board member Chip Gertzog, stars Carl Nubile in the role of Alex Dennison, a playwright who investigates the mysterious death of his fiancée, actress Monica Welles, played by Leta Hall. In the process, Dennison involves the cast and crew of Welles’ last performance to solve the case and pinpoint the murderer.
Nubile is joined on stage by the dominating presence of award-winning Providence Player regular, Falls Church’s Patrick David.
David, who lives off Park Avenue in the City of Falls Church, has appeared in six of the local acting troupe’s performances on the James Lee stage.
After a break of 30 years from his theater major days at the University of Virginia, David returned to the theatre “on a lark,” auditioning for the Players.
“I met Tina Thronsen, and was waiting for her to ask me for a piece or a photo,” said David. “But she said, ‘Come on down for a cold reading.’ And then I had the part.”
Since then, David has garnered some notable praise from the Washington area theater establishment. The Washington Post’s theater critic Michael Toscano extolled David for his “brilliant performance” and “standout” role in the Providence Players’ previous play, “Time of Your Life.” Of Toscano’s review, David confided in a hushed tone, “He’s a tough one to please, and doesn’t like much. He loved the play.”
David has also been nominated three times by the Washington Area Theatre Community Honors (WATCH) organization. He was nominated for his role as Juror Number 10 in the jury room drama, “12 Angry Men,” once more for playing Sir Toby Belch in “Twelfth Night” and most recently, as the witty alcoholic George Hay in “Moon Over Buffalo.”
In his current role, as the play-within-a-play’s lead actor David Matthews, David lends his strong presence once again to the Providence Players.
Joining the Players for his first time after seeing several productions, Christian Faulkner, of Falls Church’s South Woodley neighborhood, has fulfilled his dream of returning to the stage, following a 20 year hiatus since high school.
“I performed a little during my time at Falls Church High School,” said Faulkner, who then went off to George Mason University. He currently works for the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
Faulkner plays the role of the male detective in “Rehearsal for Murder.”
This is Gertzog’s sixth time directing for the Players. Like David, Gertzog’s work has earned accolades, too: three WATCH awards and six nominations. When not directing plays, He has worked the past 11 years – since the inception of the Players – on all fronts, including acting and tech and set design. For “Rehearsal for Murder,” Gertzog has employed family help, including wife Barbara and son Jim, who are also veterans of the Players.
“Rehearsal for Murder” runs from March 20 – April 4. For times and ticket information, see this issue’s Theatre and Fine Arts directory in the Calendar (page 22), or visit the Players online at www.providenceplayers.org.


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