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Letters to the Editor for the week of January 22 – 28, 2009

Also Blasts ‘Sacking’ of Falls Church Planners


We want to express our full-throated support of the views expressed by Lou Mauro in his letter to the Editor last week condemning the sacking of Planning Commission members.

His comments, including the highlighting of the inappropriateness of the mayor’s husband’s vicious blogging attacks on political foes, were right on target. As residents of Falls Church for nearly six years, we have been dismayed by the increasingly petty and shortsighted conduct of politics in this community, particularly since last year’s City Council elections. The development plans as presented have generated a painful division among residents, putting the burden of “modernization” on the backs of those of us unfortunate enough to live on the wrong side of West Broad Street. The feel-good political correctness of those whose daily lives will not be affected by current plans may go down well in sound bites, but it exposes the execrable hypocrisy of that sort of “limousine liberalism.” We hope that the new era just inaugurated across the Potomac washes over its banks and makes it up as far as Falls Church City Hall.

Vigdis Jacobsen & Jeff Murray

Falls Church

Take Issue With Helen Thomas’ View of Israel


In her latest column, Helen Thomas blasts not only President Bush, the Bush Administration but also the Nation of Israel. What she fails to give credit for is that without the Israeli’s there would not be a Palestinian Nation.

Israel annexed the Gaza Strip from Egypt after the 1967 war and subsequently withdrew in 2005 in an attempt to bring some resolution to the accusations of this being an “occupied” territory. Israel has continued to maintain a presence with checkpoints and monitoring of sea traffic to maintain its existence as a Nation. The previous and current government factions of Gaza have been ineffective at stemming the flow of weapons and individuals that intend to bring harm to Israel and at times have actually provided assistance. With the 2005 Gaza elections Hamas gained a majority of the elected seats. Hamas violently took over parts of Gaza from the ruling Fatah Party with the plan to establish a launch point for attacks into Israel. Hamas to this day do not and will not recognize the ability of the Nation of Israel to exist purely out of religious hatred.

While the loss of civilian life is unfortunate, this responsibility rests primarily with Hamas, the Palestinian people and the ruling Fatah Party. Hamas uses the cover of civilian locations to hide weapons, terrorists and to launch attacks into Israel. This provides them instant press coverage when Israel justifiably strikes a terrorist location. Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by the International Community and if you harbor terrorists you have to expect to become a target yourself. Hamas and the Palestinian people have little credibility when they continue to support the radical thoughts that Hamas continues spew. I

f the Palestinian people do not like the results of Israel cleaning out the vermin to protect its people then they need to clean up their own backyard and rid their street, neighborhood and nation of these militant factions and the religious hatred they bring. And yes…..War is Hell.

Patrick Parnell

Via the Internet

Other Constraints On Medical Staff Access


Congressman Moran’s News Commentary in last week’s News-Press misses two constraints that hinder medical staff getting to and from Washington, DC hospitals.

Healthcare workers north of the Potomac River are unionized, unlike us hospital staff here in Virginia. Unable to stay over without severe overtime costs to DC hospitals.

Healthcare workers in their 20s, 30s and 40s tend to have children homebound during national holidays and severe weather. Unable to get sudden-notice child care unless a parent, etc. is nearby.

Donald E. White

Falls Church