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Letters to the Editor for the Week of November 13 – 19, 2008

No Summary of Who I Selected on Voting Machine


November 4 brought the long awaited day to vote, lines, but alas the voting machine came into view.

An ID number licensed me to use one of the voting machines. Excited to make a long anticipated vote in a most historic election and ID number entered, I selected president, senator, and congressman. Already forewarned by early voters and answers to questions standing in line, I hoped to be reassured that my vote, especially for president, would be recorded.

Steeled to a less than satisfactory depiction of my selection, I searched the summary screen for some shred of information that my choice for president or maybe the electors for president would appear or be alluded to, but in the truncated words, nothing was visible to suggest that my vote for president was recorded, Then a return to my choices – they were there. Then back to the summary screen several times.

The election official could offer no suggestions nor another way of voting or legal assistance. The voter next to me also protested that he could not see his presidental choice.

Today, I do not know if I voted for president. I am deeply disappointed at this lack of closure. But most importantly, I want to know what series of events, decisions, compromises, lack of testing has led this politically sensitive city to a voting experience from an earlier technological time. Do we not value each and every vote? Do we want each voter to have confidence that their vote was counted? What will Falls Church City do to restore confidence in its voting process?

Richard G. Maynard

Falls Church

Nation Still ‘Leans Right’ After Election


It is interesting that in the last month of the campaign two main issues that Senator Obama’s campaign focused on were: tax cuts for 95% of the American people and a more “muscular” war on terror, including sending more troops to Afghanistan. Sounds pretty right wing/Republican to me. Maybe Karl Rove was advising him in this successful strategy? Face it, our country likes lower taxes and keeping more of their hard-earned money and values a government that keeps it safe. We still “lean right.” President-elect Obama clearly understands the values that matter to the American people and did not run on a “socialist” or surrender platform at the end when millions of undecided voters made up their minds.

I, for one, even though I did not vote for him, wish him luck because his success will be mine and our country’s. This has been the nearly universal response from the right, even most of talk radio, by the way!

Contrast that to nearly eight years of DBS — Deranged Bush Syndrome from the left. They hated Bush so much and wished him ill as president, that they rejoiced at the bad news affecting our country because it was another reason to wallow in DBS. The Falls Church News Press, which I enjoy reading for local news, has been a leader in DBS.

Dave Phelps

Falls Church

Questions on Tax Contributions of New Projects


I have a question that I wonder if the FCNP could answer for all citizens of the city particularly since we are already concerned with the current record shortfall in the budget due to falling real estate prices?

The Pearson Square complex, the Spectrum, and the Byron condominiums have been cited as buffering us against the worst impacts of the current recession. Almost all of the retail spaces in these developments is not rented. The percent of the condominiums sold in the Spectrum was very low in the last report I read. Can the owners declare bankruptcy and abandon these projects at least in the case of the Spectrum? Is this a possibility or a needless worry? Are the taxes the city collects tied to the number of units sold? Just wondering if there is potential for more pain in the offing?

Kathleen Gerity

Falls Church

Curves Chief Hails International Fair Results


Thank you to all who supported foreign artisans on Saturday!

The international craft fair sponsored by Curves in Falls Church on Saturday, November 8, benefited disadvantaged crafts people around the world. Thanks to all of you, the fair was a resounding success with sales of more than $5,000 in 4 short, but very busy hours!

The non-profit organizations offering crafts at the fair represented a number of countries and causes, including Ten Thousand Villages of Alexandria, representing over 30 countries, Amani Ya Juu from Kenya, Bridge of Hope from Peru, Mothers 2 Mothers from South Africa, Friends of Tanzania, and Falls Church’s own Friends of Kokolopori. All proceeds will go back to these organizations to help unemployed, impoverished, and marginalized women and artisans, including mothers with HIV/AIDs and street children from the Nairobi slums. The “fair trade” sales help provide a just income for the artisans and enable them not merely to survive, but to meet basic needs for health care, education, and adequate housing through self-sustaining, small scale development projects. Curves Falls Church is honored to have been involved in supporting these groups.

On behalf of the staff at Curves and the organizations represented, I want to thank everyone who came and shopped. The financial generosity of the shoppers was only exceeded by their wonderful spirit and willingness to help others throughout the world. Thanks also to our neighboring stores, who offered discounts or other specials to broaden this into a celebration for the whole block.

Kathy Hamor, Owner

Curves in Falls Church


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