Local Commentary

Editorial: Are Your Friends All Registered?

Make no mistake about it: the heaviest lifting for the races for president and the U.S. Senate in the next month in Virginia will necessarily happen right here

: right in the prime distribution area of the Falls Church News-Press, including all of the 8th, 10th and 11th Congressional Districts, and the Mason, Dranesville and Providence districts, depending on how you prefer to identify your boundaries.

Here, where the overwhelming margins for Gov. Mark Warner, Gov. Tim Kaine and Sen. James Webb were built to provide, statewide, thin margins of victory for all three Democrats this decade, is where the business of concerned activists must, for the next critical month, be focused on carrying through a clean sweep of Democrats, all supported by this newspaper. We heartily endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president, Gov. Mark Warner for the U.S. Senate, and Rep. Jim Moran, Chairman Gerry Connolly and Judy Feder for the U.S. Congress.

If such an endeavor can be achieved, in a collective exercise of extraordinary will, in conjunction with a majority of the U.S. population as a whole, the nation and the world will undergo a cultural and political sea change of epochal proportions. All elections are important, but this one will be truly historic for mankind as a whole.

The unprecedented meltdown of the nation’s financial system in the last nine months is the final testament to the consequences of the abject immorality and greed that has gripped the nation since 1980. It stands as one last dire warning, one last call to repent, before a massive disintegration of the global economy condemns modern civilization, itself. The orgy of Republican-led unconscionable deregulation, which maxed out in 2005 when investment banks were sanctioned to lever every $1 to $40 in debt to set the stage for the current decomposition, has brought the globe to the brink of self-destruction.

A gigantic, grass roots-driven “heave-ho!” is required to dislodge this foul scourge from the corridors of power in America, especially from the White House and Congress. There is no doubt that if Obama is elected president next month, there will be a planet-wide, massive sigh of relief. All of the world’s problems will remain far from solved, but a pathway forward will have been found.

This, dear reader, requires an extraordinary effort from us all, especially from those of us in Northern Virginia. Immediately, is the effort needed between now and Monday to register as many new voters before the deadline as possible. Not only can you volunteer with a campaign directly, you can assemble your personal e-mail lists, or marshal your friends on MySpace or Facebook, and send out “blast e-mails” to everyone you can, reminding them of the Oct. 6 deadline and providing information or links that tell them how they can register, or change their registration if they’ve moved, by Monday. Get going!