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Letters to the Editor for September 25 – October 1, 2008

New Project Saved F.C. From Worst


As outlined in your last issue, Falls Church City is facing a budget deficit.

Thanks largely to the City Council’s progressive approval of new development projects in recent years and strong financial management and planning by City staff, the City’s shortfall pales in comparison to our neighboring jurisdictions. But it is still a considerable deficit.

There is no doubt that the City and other jurisdictions will do what they can to cut costs and plan for ways in which to generate new revenue, but will they have to cut services to do so? This not just a government problem – it affects all of us. And because it does, we all have to take responsibility to help remedy the situation.

What can we, as citizens and/or business leaders, do to help? Spend our money locally. It will increase revenue and in doing so, it will lessen the likelihood of an increase in tax rates. Wisely spend and invest your sales and meals taxes in your community. You don’t have to spend more than you need to or stop patronizing your favorite merchants, simply think about your spending habits and, when making spending decisions, consider directing those purchases to merchants in your local jurisdiction. You can make a major impact on future tax revenue. By buying local, you provide the revenue necessary to support the services and programs provided you by your government. Spending locally will also show the regional business world that our community is a viable venue for potential new businesses.

It is simple really. We all fund the government entity in which we live or work. Want to keep your local taxes lower and still receive the services your government provides to you? Spend locally and ensure that the associated tax revenue benefits you. If you are going to spend your money anyway, why not invest it in your own community.

Gary LaPorta, Chair

Sally Cole, Executive Director

Falls Church Chamber of Commerce

The Earmans Offer Thanks to F.C. Community


The Earman Family would like to thank the Falls Church Community for its support and comfort. Last week in our time of grief due to the loss of a family member countless friends, neighbors and community leaders expressed their condolences and offered help to our family. The outpouring was tremendous and we wanted to thank all of you and tell you how much this community means to us. Thanks.

The Earman Family

F.C. Victorian Society Saved Rainy Event


I would like to thank the Victorian Society of Falls Church for helping salvage the Army’s celebration of the Centennial of Military Aviation at Fort Myer on Saturday, Sept. 6, when the remnants of Hurricane Hanna brought torrential rains.

The celebration commemorated the visit of Wilbur and Orville Wright in Sept. 1908 to demonstrate their new flying machine for possible military use, and to show it to the public for the first time.

For the Sept. 6 centennial, the Victorian Society made special costumes authentic for 1908 styles and studied manners and personalities of some individuals associated with the 1908 event to perform a reenactment. They include news of other events of the day, lesser-known aspects of the Wright Brothers’ achievement, media skepticism, a “tailgate party” with Teddy Roosevelt and daughter Alice Longworth, a Victorian tea and visit to the post hospital (still there) to describe how a later aerial accident resulted in injuries. They taught this history and strolled among other indoor activities at the centennial.

They were widely praised for the atmosphere they helped create at the event. They succeeded in projecting Falls Church’s distinctive community personality, and were wonderful ambassadors of good will.

Ross Netherton

Falls Church





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