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Press Pass: Where Are They Now?

Every summer, “Press Pass” likes to take a look back at some of the less-established artists who have graced this page to see how they’ve grown over the past 12 months.

The following are a smattering of local and national musicians you should keep tabs on. After all, we are.

Joe Purdy

Longtime readers of “Press Pass” may have noticed that we’re pretty partial to the Arkansan songsmith. The reason? He can take the chords to “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and craft something akin to “American Pie.” (See: “Only Four Seasons.”) And considering the guy has put out nine albums in under seven years, there are plenty of those spectacular compositions to savor.

He’s touring again, just passing through Vienna’s Jammin’ Java last week, and playing a few songs off of his upcoming release, Last Clock on the Wall. That album was initially expected out earlier in 2008, but Purdy has put off the finishing touches while he instead applies them to some home improvement projects at his folks’ place in Arkansas. The new timeline? Whenever he finished fixing his pop’s boat and picket fence.

Purdy moved back to his home state after a successful stint in Los Angeles where he made inroads with smash hit ABC shows “Lost” and “Grey’s Anatomy.” His song “Can’t Get It Right Today” was recently featured in a Kia commercial and triggered a landslide of sales on iTunes.

Rip It: You can listen to all of Purdy’s tunes for free at his website (, so take a listen to the lot and pick your faves. Ours? To name one … or five: “I Love the Rain the Most”; “Santa Rosa In the Snow”; “Blue in the Sky”; “Stompin’ Grounds”; “Sinkin’ Low.” Snag those soon, because we could pick five new ones tomorrow.

Husky Rescue

We’re reaching way back to August of 2006 for this interview. Since then the Finnish electronica/pop/folk ensemble led by Marko Nyberg and singer Reeta-Leena Korhola continues to flaunt a sound that the London Observer dubbed a meeting of “Bambi” and “David Lynch.” Next they’ll unveil remix album Other World, featuring new spins on old songs like the popular “City Lights,” “Summertime Cowboy” and “Evil 9,” which was featured in HBO’s “The Sopranos.”

The trancey tunes are heavy on pedal steel and synths, creating a futuristic sound that we think makes this group a good one to watch (and listen to) in the days ahead.

Rip It: “Diamonds In the Sky” is the cream of a two-LP crop. Visit their site ( though, follow the link trail and you can grab a gratis version of the “Deaf Stereo Remix.”

No Second Troy

The D.C.-based rock outfit just played the First Annual Jimmy V Fest, put on by ESPN in Bristol, Conn. That was a follow up to the placement of their superlative song, “The Gardens After Lockout,” on the network’s “Baseball Tonight” show. On August 22 the band returns to D.C. and headlines 9:30 Club.

The potential for this group is sky-high, with “The Gardens After Lockout” serving as Exhibits 1 and 1A. If they can craft some more songs that meet “Lockout’s” lofty standard, and for the record, that’s a world-class standard, the headlining gigs will only get bigger after their show at 9:30.

Rip It: “The Gardens After Lockout.” Hate to harp on just one track, but if you’re going to start somewhere, this is the place. However, if you jump on the band’s MySpace site and purchase tickets for the 9:30 show, you can get a free download of “Masquerade,” another song featured on the Worldwide Leader in Sports.