Wammie Award Winners

Wammie AwardTHE D.C.-AREA’S TOP MUSIC TALENT strutted into Falls Church last Sunday evening for the 22nd Annual Wammie Awards held at the State Theatre. Live performances and, of course, some spiffy-looking hardware marked the fun and funky evening. (News-Press Photos: Nate Taylor)

A Capella Group – Tone Rangers

A Capella Recording –  We Think You Love Us by Tone Rangers

Big Band/Swing Vocalist  –  Peaches O’Dell

 Big Band/Swing Group – The United States Army Blues Jazz Ensemble

Big Band/ Swing Recording – Blues at Thirty Five by The United States Army Blues Jazz Ensemble


Bluegrass Vocalist – Dede Wyland


Bluegrass Duo/Group – Randy Waller & the Country Gentlemen


Bluegrass Instrumentalist – Ira Gitlin


Bluegrass Recording – Scenecronized by The Seldom Scene


Blues Female Vocalist – Melanie Mason


Blues Male Vocalist – Tommy Lepson


Blues Duo/Group – Deanna Bogart Group


Blues Instrumentalist – Robert Lighthouse


Blues Recording – The Great Pretender by Seth Kibel


Cabaret/Musical Theater Artist – The Captial Steps


 Children’s Music Artist – DinoRock


Children’s Music Recording – Dark Side of the Moon


Choral Group – Capital Hill Chorale


Classical Instrumentalist – Phil Mathieu


Classical Vocal Female Soloist – Denyce Graves


Classical Vocal Male Soloist – Jason Steams


Classical Chamber Ensemble – Great Noise Ensemble

Classical Orchestral Ensemble – Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Capitol


Classical Conductor – Sylvia Alimena


Classical Recording – Holiday Impressions by Phil Mathieu


Country Vocalist – J P McDermott


Country Duo/Group – Chick Hall's Heroes & Friends


Country Instrumentalist – Chick Hall Jr.


 Country Recording – Road Kill Stew by Honky Tonk


Folk-Contemporary Vocalist – Lisa Moscatiello


Folk-Contemporary Duo/Group – Cletus Kennelly & Lori Kelley


Folk-Contemporary Instrumentalist – John Jennings


Folk-Contemporary Recording – Luke Brindley by Luke Brindley


 Folk-Traditional Vocalist – Grace Griffith


Folk-Traditional Duo/Group – Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer Fynesound


Folk-Traditional Instrumentalist – Cathy Fink


Folk-Traditional Recording – Banjo Talkin' by Cathy Fink


Go Go Talker – Lil Benny


Go Go Duo/Group – Rare Essence


Go Go Instrumentalist – Ju Ju House


Gospel/International Vocalist – Richard Smallwood


Gospel/International Quartet/Group – Richard Smallwood & Vision, and also Seven Sons of Soul


Gospel/International Mass Choir – The Maryland Mass Choir


Gospel/International Recording – Radio Lane by The Braeded Chord



 Jazz Vocalist – Esther Williams

 Jazz Duo/Group – Rick Whitehead Trio


Jazz Instrumentalist – Seth Kibel


Jazz Recording – How Does It Feel by Benjie Porecki


Latin Vocalist – Cecilia Esquivel


Latin Duo/Group – Mambo Combo


Latin Instrumentalist – Alfredo Mojica


Latin Recording – Live in Concert by Mystic Warriors


 Rap/Hip Hop Rapper – Storm the Unpredictable


Rap/Hip Hop Duo/Group – TIE: Dirty Water and Zimbabwe Legit


Reggae Duo/Group – Jah Works


Rock Male Vocalist – Jon Carroll


Rock Female Vocalist – Diana Quinn


Rock Instrumentalist – Jon Carroll


Rock Recording – Love Returns by Jon Carroll


Hard Rock Duo/Group – Wicked Jezabel


Modern Rock Duo/Group – Fools & Horses These United States Washingto


Pop Rock Duo/Group – Shane Hines & the Trance


Roots Rock Female Vocalist – TIE: Mary Ann Redmond and Patty Reese


Roots Rock Male Vocalist – Billy Coulter



Roots Rock Duo/Group – The Junkyard Saints


Roots Rock Male Instrumentalist – Dave Chappell


Roots Rock Male Recording – Live at the Barns, Vol. 11 by The Grandsons



Electronica Group – Thievery Corporation


Electronica DJ – Bob Mould & Richard Morel


Electronica Artist/Producer (Studio) – Thievery Corporation


Electronica Recording – Beneath the Watchful Eyes by Arthur


Urban Contemporary Vocalist – Eric Scott


Urban Contemporary Duo/Group – Julia & Company


Urban Contemporary Instrumentalist – Benjie Porecki


Urban Contemporary Recording – How Does It Feel by Benjie Porecki


World Music Vocalist – Issac Ho'opi'i


World Music Duo/Group – Chopteeth


World Music Instrumentalist – Seth Kibel


World Music Recording – From Mali to America by Cheick Hamala


Musician of the Year – Jon Carroll


Song of the Year – Paint That Dollar Red by Jon Carroll


Video of the Year – Changes by Army of Me


Artist of the Year – TIE: Chuck Brown and The Grandsons


New Artist (solo/duo/group) – Margot MacDonald


Album of the Year – TIE: Love Returns by Jon Carroll and We're About the Business by Chuck Brown


Wama/Saw Songwriter of the Year – Jon Carroll


Debut Recording – Sweet Bye & Bye/Lisa Ann Wright


Record Design – Road Kill Stew/Honky Tonk


Manger of the Year – Maggie Coulter


Washington Area Record Company – Azalea City Recordings


Producer of the Year – Marco Delmar


Live Sound Engineer – Jim Barnett


Stuido Engineer – Bill Wolf


Recording Studio – Bias Recording


Artist Website – TIE: for Carol Gaylor and for Ben Youngs


Executive of the Year – David Eisner/Pres/Institute of Musical Traditions


Most Supportive of Washington Music – Ron Goad