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“The Machine,” State Theatre, Falls Church, Saturday, Feb. 23, Doors open 7 p.m., concert at 9 p.m.

It just may be that whenever “The Machine” is in the area, the group will be my recommendation for the week. They’re just that good, to the true-blue Pink Floyd fan, that is. This premiere New York-based Floyd “cover” band has managed to get to the State Theatre about twice a year, which is very good given that it regularly tours all over North America and has also traveled around Central America, Europe and the Middle East. Founders Joe Pascarell (guitar, vocals) and Todd Cohen (drums) began “The Machine” 20 years ago, and its reputation has been steadily growing since. Ryan Bell (bass, vocals) has been around a long time, and Scott Chasolen (keys, vocals) is a recent add. The group often performs an entire album from the original Pink Floyd’s 16-album repertoire. Get there early.