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Valentine’s Day, February 14

 If you’re smart, you’ve already got your plans secured for the evening. Whether it’s dining and romancing your valentine, holed up at home with a pizza and a movie, or just drinking your way to the 15th, at least you’ve got your agenda straight. However, if you’re the type that likes to (or can’t help but) wing it on the Hallmark holiday, chances are you’re sweating ‘neath that collar. Have no fear, oh ye of unpreparedness, the News-Press is here to offer you some ideas, crib notes if you will, to get you through today. On pages 22-24 of this week’s FCNP, you’ll find gift ideas, recipes and more, including some photos for those guys lacking a Valentine. But no matter what plans you come up with, the important thing is to have a happy Valentine’s Day and to spend time with the ones you love, even if they are just pictures in the paper.

What: Valentine’s Day

When: Thursday, February 14

Where:  Wherever you wish

For more info, ideas and more see pages 22-24