News Briefs

January 31 – February 6, 2008

F.C.’s Year-Long ‘Da Vinci Passport’ Series Opens Friday

An opening reception kicking off a year-long series of performances, workshops, and art exhibits in the City of Falls Church inspired by Michael Gelb’s book, How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, will be held Friday, Feb. 1, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Falls Church Arts Gallery, 111 Park Avenue. Falls Church Arts is partnering with Creative Cauldron in the year-long series, also described as, “an interactive exhibit of works, in various media, that will lead you on an investigation of da Vinci’s principles of genius.” Later in the month, on Feb. 16, the first workshop will be held at the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, 222 N. Washington St. 


F.C. Day Care Task Force Recommends No Changes

The final report of the Falls Church Day Care Task force, formed by the School Board to review the long-standing day care policies of the City schools, issued its final report of recommendations this week, concluding that no changes to the current policy should occur. The report goes to the School Board as input for any policy changes it may make. The Task Force was formed when a number of citizens complained that the policy adopted in 1975 did not conform with the needs of changed lifestyles of modern families that include more work-at-home situations. While the current policy allows for non-resident children attending Falls Church schools access to day care, it does not allow the same for City residents where one parent is at home. 


CBC Candidates Greet Friday, Sharpe Seeks Re-Election

With veteran Falls Church public servant Kieran Sharpe announcing he will seek another term on the F.C. School Board in May, the Citizens for a Better City will hold a kickoff to the 2008 Falls Church municipal elections this Friday evening with an informal “Meet the Candidates” event at Stacy’s Coffee Parlor, 709 W. Broad St., starting at 5:30 p.m. Any and all announced and prospective candidates for the Falls Church City Council and School Board seeking CBC support are invited to show up, as is the public to meet them. The CBC’s nominating convention will be held Feb. 23.


F.C. Area Woman Is Area’s 11th Victim of Assault

On Monday, Jan. 28, at 8 p.m. Fairfax Police officers responded to the 7300 block of Allan Avenue in Falls Church for a woman who was assaulted. The 63-year old woman was walking home from a bus stop when she was attacked. The suspect grabbed her from behind and dragged her into a dark area. The attacker fled when a vehicle drove by. The victim was only injured. Police report this as the sixth similar incident Fairfax County and 10th total of similar incidents throughout the Northern Virginia regions. In all cases the suspects have been wearing dark clothing and a ski mask. The only similarities among the victims are that they were walking alone in hours of darkness.


News-Press Report of Obama Rally Incorrect

The News-Press apologizes for forwarding word last week of a Barack Obama rally scheduled in Falls Church. Campaign officials denied the veracity of the report. According to Cristina Chiappe of Virginia for Obama, a Northern Virginia rally for Obama before the Feb. 12 primary is being organized, but the location of Cherry Hill Park “is simply not true.” Certain City of F.C. officials were contacted by a Secret Service advance team, according to reports, but no solid plans were set.