Local Commentary

Editoral: We Endorse

It is now less than two weeks before the Nov. 6 Virginia general election and there is a strong indication that the direction of the entire legislature will shift toward Democratic Party control. Battling uphill against voter apathy and expected low turnouts, partisans for both parties have plenty of reason to be working overtime now. Moreover, it is an election of national significance leading into the presidential election year of 2008, being the most important prior to the primaries.

We hope that voters on Nov. 6 will give Gov. Tim Kaine the kind of legislature that will work cooperatively to move the state forward. It needs to be composed of pragmatists and not ideologues of any stripe, either political or religious. That criteria, along as always with issues of personal integrity and political track records, stands at the forefront for us as we consider endorsements in this election, not only in the legislative races, but in those for Fairfax County supervisor and school board seats and in area court-related races, as well. In area contested races we feel equipped to endorse, we do so as follows:


 Virginia House of Delegates:

   13th District – Bruce Roemmelt (D)

   34th District – Margaret Vanderhye (D)  

   39th District – Vivian Watts (D)

   40th District – Rex Simmons (D)


Virginia Senate:

   31st District – Mary Margaret Whipple (D)

   34th District – Jeannemarie Devolites Davis (R)

   37th District – Janet Oleszek (D)

   39th District – George Barker (D)


Fairfax County Board Chair:

   Gerry Connolly (D)


Fairfax County Supervisors:

   Mason District – Penny Gross (D)

   Dranesville District – Joan DuBois (R)


Fairfax School Board (at large)

   Tina Hone (I)


Fairfax County Commonwealth Attorney

   Patrick McDade (R)


Arlington County Board

   Mary Hynes (D)

   Walter Tejada (D)


Clerk of the Arlington Circuit Court

   Paul Ferguson (D)

Many of our esteemed local elected leaders, such as Del. Jim Scott, Del. Bob Hull, Del. Adam Ebbin, Del. Brian Moran, Providence District supervisor Linda Smyth and Mason District School Board representative Kay Kory, are running unopposed but with our support.