Falls Church City Crime Report

September 11-17, 2007

Suspicious Event, 200 blk. Gibson St., September 11, 3:09 a.m., unknown person(s) disturbed the rear locking knob of a residence. The rear door was left ajar.

Fraud by Impersonation, 900 blk. Ellison St., September 11, 12:12 p.m., unknown person(s) opened two Chase credit cards in victim’s name by using victim’s identity. Both credit cards reflect a balance totaling $15,000.

Suspicious Event, Mary Riley Styles Library, 120 N. Virginia Ave., September 11, 5:22 p.m., male subject entered the establishment and gave a note to a female juvenile. The note stated, “You r very cute, caught my eye right away, would like 2 get to know you better, if possible." After further investigations, police was able to identify the male subject and ban him from the establishment.

Credit Card Theft, 500 blk. Roosevelt Blvd., September 11, 7:32 p.m., unknown person(s) stole victim’s credit card from wallet.

Burglary-Commercial, CSI Capital Services Inc., 108 N. Virginia Ave., September 11, 7:52 p.m., police responded to a alarm call at the establishment and determined that unknown person(s) entered the establishment forcefully through the rear door and stole five Dell Laptops valued at $8,750.00.

Larceny from Vehicle, 6700 blk. Wilson Blvd., September 12, 11:11 a.m., unknown person(s) entered a 2000 Toyota and stole an air compressor, a nail gun, and a screw gun.

Larceny from Vehicle, 100 blk. W. Jefferson St., September 12, 2:39 p.m., unknown person(s) entered a delivery truck and a stole package that included a painting valued at $12,000.00.

Kidnapping/Abduction, 1100 Offutt Dr., September 13, 9:33 p.m., unknown person(s) approached victim from behind and wrapped his arms around victim. The suspect “puckered his lips” and uttered some words to the victim, which could not be made out. The victim elbowed and pushed the suspect to break free. Once the victim was free, the victim proceeded to kick the suspect, causing the suspect to flee on foot. The victim was not injured. The suspect is described as a male, about 5 feet 6 inches tall, had short black hair, brown or dark colored eyes, clean shaven face, no visible scars or marks on his face, very dark skin but not African-American or Hispanic decent.

Driving under the Influence, 1000 blk W. Broad St., September 14, 1:52 a.m., police arrested a female, 31, of Annandale, VA for DUI.

Indecent Exposure, Staples, 1104 W. Broad St., August 11, 2:00 p.m., unknown person(s) approached victim and exposed his entire genital area. The suspect is described as W/M, wearing a red/burgundy muscle shirt, black mesh gym shorts and white tennis shoes. He had an athletic build, 30-39 years old, approximately 6’0, blue eyes, and blond hair. This incident was reported on September 14.

Drunkenness, 6700 blk. Wilson Blvd., September 15, 12:54 a.m., police arrested a male, 29, of Olney, MD for DIP.

Larceny, U.S. Penny & Coin Service Corp, 909 Broad St., September 15, 3:01 p.m., victim reported that they were charged more than 5.9% to transfer their loose change into dollars. The victim’s total loss is $11.47.

Destruction of Property, 200 blk. E. Fairfax St., September 15, 10:11 p.m., unknown person(s) shattered the driver’s side window of a 2007 Honda CRV.

Burglary-Residential, 300 blk. Riley St., between September 15, 6:15 p.m. and September 16, 12:05 a.m., unknown person(s) entered the unoccupied residence and stole a Dell Laptop, a LCD TV, and $400.00 cash.

Larceny-Shoplifting, Giant Foods, 1230 W. Broad St., September 16, 4:21 p.m., police arrested a male, 52, of Falls Church, VA for stealing 2 packs of meat and 2 packs of shrimp. He was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Drunkenness, 400 blk. S. Maple Ave., September 16, 6:35 p.m., police arrested a male, 52, of NO FIXED ADDRESS, for DIP.

Burglary-Residential, 400 blk. Great Falls St., September 17, between 3:20 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., unknown person(s) entered the unoccupied residence forcefully through a basement window and stole $20 cash and a bottle of Klonokin medication.