F.C. City Hall

Pending formal approval by the Falls Church City Council, a $435,000 face lift to the East Wing of the Falls Church City Hall is slated to begin in October. It is not to be confused with a larger, long-term City Hall feasibility plan for which the Council OK’d funds to study this summer. This three-month renovation is designed, according to Assistant City Manager Cindy Mester, to “put a more human face on City Hall,” reorganizing hall and office space on the ground floor of the East Wing (closest to the Community Center) such that when someone enters, they will be greeted by a human being offering directions. There will also be new security and Americans with Disabilities Act improvements and easier access to Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue and Voter Registrar offices. During the renovation, however, the offices of the Treasurer and Commissioner of the Revenue will be “shoehorned,” as Mester put it, into the Training Center. As funding will require a change in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan budget, it will require two Council votes with a Planning Commission approval sandwiched in between. Final approval is not expected before Oct. 9.