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Restaurant Spotlight: Iota Club and Caf

IOTA Club and CafeIota Club and Café looks like your relatively typical café/music venue. Competent abstract art adorns the walls, and the lighting, consisting of rows of hanging Christmas lights and candles in jars, is kept relatively low at a hip, possibly romantic, level. Posters of bands that have played in the venue hang on one wall while a row of different sized mirrors hang on the other, wood framed with chipping gold paint. Below the mirrors is a row of benches which look to be old church pews, and in front of those are small, cozy tables and chairs. If the day is nice, you can sit in a booth beside an open window, and listen to the wind along with the music from club portion of the facility, which is fully audible in the cafe. Iota Club and Café definitely has ambiance and atmosphere to spare, but that doesn’t mean anything if the food isn’t good.