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Champions on Ice, Verizon Center, Saturday, April 14, 3 p.m.

Well, you can go see Will Ferrell in “Blades of Glory” if you like, but if you are a little weary by nut-butt middle school, bodily function humor and want to see what the movie hawks its luggies at, then I recommend the one time each year when folks can see in their own home town the best that amateur figure skating has to offer. The Champions on Ice tour kicks off in Richmond Friday night before coming to Washington D.C. and heading out across the land. For the skaters, it’s a brief respite from the grueling training, traveling and tension of the competitive season, which runs from September though March. They get to focus on their audiences rather than on the judges, and on some of the more entertaining features of their highly-rigorous sport. As for the Will Ferrell movie, three-time U.S. figure skating champ Johnny Weir, who is cruelly parodied in the film, says he hates it.