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Northern Virginia Art Beat

 ‘Ascension’ by Phil Napala, manipulated digital photo of Koi.

‘Singing Shakespeare’

April 4 to 7, at the Signature Theatre. The Bard and show tunes are two things guaranteed to send me running in the opposite direction, but somehow the two together seem irreverently intriguing. Featured are show tunes from American musical theatre productions based on Shakespeare, including selections from “West Side Story,” “The Boys from Syracuse,” and “Two Gentlemen of Verona.” Tickets are $27. The Ark Theatre, 2800 S. Stafford St., Arlington, Va, (703) 820-9771.
For those more favorably disposed towards the Bard than thee, be advised that Washington area theatre groups are hosting over 100 such productions from January through July of this year. Yes, we’re well into that window, but copious offerings still abound. See www.washington.org/shakespeare/about.cfm for more information. The 21-page festival guide may be downloaded at www.washington.org/shakespeare/SIWBrochure.pdf.  Numerous events sans admission fees are offered as well. Show times seem universally elusive, and connecting web sites balky at best, but phone numbers are freely proffered for thy interrogatively inclined interlocution.

"Water, Water Everywhere’

Opening reception Friday April 6 from 6 to 8 p.m. Show runs through April at the Falls Church Arts Gallery in Art and Frame at 111 Park Ave., Falls Church. Regular gallery hours Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. For more information call (703) 534-4202, or see www.FallsChurchArts.org.
”Water, Water” features the work of six local artists, namely Ines Hartmann de Andrade, Dee Ellison, Kay Flanagan, Cathy Kaye, Phil Napala, and Juls Talbert. All works centered around the general theme of water.
Seems we have yet another rocket scientist on the DC art scene. Who says engineers aren’t expressive? Phil Napala is an aerospace engineer for NASA, and is showing a selection of his digital photos manipulated with his own custom Photoshop plug-ins. Phil has tweaked the ubiquitous photo manipulation software by interjecting mathematical formulas for turbulence. When you get right down to it, it’s all just fluid dynamics anyway. The effect Phil is seeking here is a visual impression of the object moving after the actual photographic exposure has been made. Some images seem more successful than others, to my eye, but it’s an interesting way to attack the age old problem of imbuing static images with an impression of movement.
You have to bend over and look closely, but Cathy Kaye’s bead work is worth the effort. One in particular seems to hold an aquatic garden of sorts. It’s nice work.

‘2007 Washington DC International Film Festival ‘

This one is a tad wacky to write about at the moment as none of the web information is operational at the moment, and the press release was tad thin on pertinent details like.. when. In any event, advance tickets go on sale April 6. I’m assuming the web sites will be up and running at that time. This year’s theme is French cinema. The Film Festival DC public information line is 202-628-FILM and its Web site is www.filmfestdc.org . Tickets for most screenings are $9 each and can be purchased in advance by calling 1-800-955-5566, or on-line at www.tickets.com . See "arts,” click on “other,” in the full list click on “film festivals.”

”Art to Life”

Photos by Falls Church professional photographer Shaun Van Steyn, and One Nation classic rock and roll plays at Bangkok Blues, 926 W. Broad St., Falls Church (703) 534-0095  www.bangkokblues.com for info & directions
Saturday, April 7 at 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $7 at the door. This being the third iteration of this set up at Bangkok Blues. Shaun will be showing six of his large canvas photo prints. He’s done quite well for himself of late having recently sold eight of them to corporations. Yes Virginia, corporations buy art. Corporations buy a lot of art. We’ll get into this another day. See Shaun’s web site at www.helloshaun.com

Artist Opportunities ———————-


Deadline April 14. Entry fee is $25, and gets you into not one, but two art shows. But wait there’s more… The two main events are the April 22, Earth Day Celebration in which you can show up to five pieces, in any media as long as it deals with the environment/Earth Day. Then on May 20 you can show in the Grande Finale, any art work created between April 22 and May 20 which depicts Old Town Manassas. No nudes, drugs, violence, etc. I’m guessing they like you to depict Old Town in a positive light. Just a guess mind you. Artist must contact the organizers ahead of time if they plan on showing work over 36", or over 30 pounds. Several art making events are scheduled between those two dates, see schedule for complete details. Artists are also encouraged to give demonstrations of their art techniques, etc. See www.manassasartguild.com/webpaint/index.htm for complete information, and downloadable entry form.


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