Obituary: Seong Hoon

Falls Church resident Seong Hoon No passed away January 27 at the age of 32.

Seong HoonSeong Hoon No attended high school at J.E.B. Stuart in Falls Church, VA, where he was a member of the varsity football and wrestling teams. He stood out for his talent, hard work, and strong leadership, excelled in academics and always offered a helping hand to those in need. Hoon went on to attend and graduate from Virginia Tech in 1998 with degrees in Biology/Biochemistry and a minor in chemistry.

Those close to Hoon knew that he was special person and a true friend. Kind hearted, hard working, unselfish, compassionate, intelligent, cultured, fun, all these adjectives and more cannot come close to expressing what a great man Hoon No was. When he wasn’t working long hours with his family he volunteered time to tutor inner city children, take food to the homeless, cook for friends, help his community, read on science and man, think big, and most of all love and honor life.

His mother, father, and two brothers Yoel and Seong survive Hoon. Funeral arrangements have been postponed in anticipation of Yoel’s recovery from this tragic event. Donations in support of this family during this difficult time can be made at: Hoon No Memorial Fund, P.O. Box 12221, Arlington, Va 22219.