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Strategies for Getting Warm: Wedding Flights to Toastiness to Wider Purposes.

Whoever said that “Editor Recommends” has to refer to specific events? There is only one sane thing to recommend in the teeth of this current icy freeze, and that is to get warm and stay that way! I have never understood those who seek out such frigid conditions by trips to places they can ski. I say that any place that, lacking an overbundling of garments, will kill you is not where any reasonable person should willingly venture. Right now, that place would be right here. If you can, get out of here! Go south, go southwest. Make an excuse. If ever you had a reason to jump away from here to warmer climes, now is the time. That cactus you always wanted to munch on in Arizona? Don’t wait until the summer, go now! That trip to snorkel around the coral reef off Key West? I think you should have a sudden compelling urge to go. Now. Before the airplane freezes up.