2024-05-29 3:00 PM

Your Super or Un-Super Bowl Party of Choice, Sunday, Feb. 4, 6 p.m. until.

Admit it, America has another national holiday. It is in honor of beer, potatoes (of the couch variety), men watching other men in tight pants run around and dive on each other, and ridiculously expensive TV commercials. Is this in honor of our Greco-Roman heritage, of “bread and circuses,” the culmination of the way such a large percentage of manly-men spent their weekends (including Monday and now Thursday nights) since August? Perhaps so. Well, your choices are a good book, going to see one of the five Academy Award best picture nominees, or maybe to just go with the flow and enjoy. What’s not amusing about the whole experience, after all? If you’re not used to such rituals, it’ll be instructive to check it out.





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