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Editor Recommends: Washington Wizards vs. Detroit Pistons


OK, another Redskins season is in the toilet. Admit it. But I have good news! The Wizards are off and running and are going to have a very good season. They’ve shown their ability to click as a fast-breaking, high energy team and new acquisition DeShawn Stevenson is a key added ingredient in that, freeing up Gilbert Arenas to do all the things that he does best. But this is an excuse for my main plug there: those new, stylish gold uniforms that the team fashioned for the first time against the Cavs last Saturday night are awesome! They are truly stunning and I know the organization is being cautious awaiting public reaction before deciding how much to commit to them. I was disappointed to learn they’re designed for the road, but they should also be used in all home games. So, if you agree with me, you need to let the Wizards know.