News Briefs

Kaye Wins Treasurer Race in City of F.C.

Catherine “Cathy” Kaye won handily the race for Treasurer in the City of Falls Church Tuesday in the only local race on the ballot there. Kaye won with a total of 3,348 to 1,011 for her opponent, Margaret Housen. Kaye’s total constituted 75.7% of the total votes cast. She becomes the official replacement for H. Robert Morrison, who served as treasurer since 1992 before resigning for health reasons last spring. The treasurer is one of three “Constitutional officers” designated for every jurisdiction in Virginia that serve as officers of the state and are publicly elected for four year terms. In addition to treasurer, the officers are the sheriff and commissioner of the revenue. Their salaries are paid partly by the state and partly by the localities where they serve. Kaye was endorsed for Tuesday’s election by the Falls Church City Democratic Committee.


Holran Won’t Seek Reappoint to F.C. Planning Body

Since first being appointed to the City of Falls Church Planning Commission in 1999, Peter Holran has served as chair and been a major player in the body’s pivotal role during the recent years’ redevelopment push. But he announced at Monday’s meeting that he will not seek reappointment when his term expires at the end of the year. In a statement, he said that during his tenure, “Not only has the City begun its redevelopment process, but also terms such as form-based coding, facilities planning, lot coverage and granny flats have entered the vernacular of the City’s leaders.” Holran made an unsuccessful bid for election to the City Council in 2002 but co-chaired a successful effort to win a bond referendum for the construction of a new middle school. He said, “As the appropriate time I will seek other means to remain involved in the redevelopment of the community.”


Veterans Day Demographic: 10% in Region are Veterans

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission released a special report on the influence of veterans in the areas in advance of Veterans Day ceremonies this Saturday, noting that the region is home to more than 182,000 veterans, or about 10 percent of the total population. The figure includes 163,000 men and 19,400 women. The percentage in the City of Falls Church is 11.2, and in Fairfax County 9.9 (with 96,000 total inclusive of Ft. Belvoir). Statewide, the percentage is 11.1. Of the total in Northern Virginia, 26,700 are active duty. Veterans in the area served in World War II, the Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm/Persian Gulf wars as well as the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some served in more than one conflict.


Fairfax Sheriff Advisory: No Part in Solicitations

“Any individual, group or organization that solicits funds and states or implies that it is raising fund for the Fairfax Sheriff’s Office is intentionally misleading you,” reads a statement from Sheriff Stan Berry there. “The Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office is in no way associated or affiliated with any individual, group or organization who solicits money in Fairfax County,” the statement said. “The Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office will never engage in any door-to-door, mail, telephone or in-person solicitation.”


On-Line Registration at F.C. Schools Hailed

The Bethesda, Maryland-based Infosnap, Inc., called the on-line registration by the Falls Church City Public Schools an “overwhelming success” in a statement released yesterday. For the first time this year, Falls Church City residents were able to register their children online for grades K-12 using a secure, privacy-protected process. “Registering kids for school every year is a tedious and lengthy chore for parents and schools,” said Infosnap’s Louis J. Trotter, Jr., president and CEO of the company said. “Infosnap revolutionized the admissions and enrollment processes at independent schools, and our innovative approach now will also vastly improve public school operations.” Data entered by parents go into the schools’ data base, making it available throughout the school system for multiple uses, including locating emergency contracts, meeting state and federal reporting requirements, and producing PTA directories.


Favola Named to State Health Board

Barbara Favola, chair of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission, has been appointed to a four-year term to the State Health Board. The appointment was made by Gov. Tim Kaine. The 13-member board provided leadership in health planning and policy development for Virginia and the state Department of Health and advises the governor on health-related issues. The board works to prevent and control chronic diseases, promote healthy, assure primary care, including access to dental care, for Virginia residents and to establish public-private partnerships. Favola has represented the Northern Virginia Regional Commission since 1998 and has served on the Arlington County Board since December 1997.