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Restaurant Review: Mint Thai Cusine

Mint Thai CusineGet ready to indulge your senses with the delicious taste, smell, and appeal of Thai cuisine. At Mint Thai Cuisine, you’ll taste a variety of entrées, with sauces, meats and seafood, vegetables, noodles and rice, you name it. As for the spice — you can be in charge of that as well. Their experienced chef can make it extra spicy or not spicy at all, depending on your preference. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that it will be rich in flavor.

The Mint Thai Cuisine restaurant — formerly known as Neisha Thai Cuisine — is now under new management and is more than happy to greet its customers.

Entering the door to the cave-like design of this mysteriously elegant and colorful restaurant, with soft lights casually placed throughout the dim space adding romance and mystery, I was greeted by the owner, Nana. Both Miss Nana and Mr. Suchet Saehaang, (he goes by Joe), the co-owner, have run Thai restaurants for many years in Fairfax, Va. and Washington, D.C. before coming to the Falls Church area.

“I like this place because I like the customers,” Nana says. “Because it’s a small place, the good thing is that we can control it better.”

“We already have an established business,” Joe states. “And the same customers come here.” Thus, running the restaurant is a lot easier for them as new owners and managers. The Mint Thai Cuisine will keep the same chef from its previous incarnation as Neisha Thai Cuisine, and for the most part, the same menu, adding to it as well as perfecting it.

The restaurant does have weekend specials, which includes salmon and other fish, shell crab, curry, Pad Thai, Kapow — the owner’s favorite — which is made of a blend of garlic and chili sauce with their famous peanut curry sauce. The customers love this dish because it has an exotic, spicy flavor. If you are in the mood for seafood, try their Talay Pad Pah, which has a rating of three chilis for extra spicy. This dish contains shrimp, scallops, oysters in their shell, and other herbs to give the dish just the right flavor. Or try their Bangkok Beef, which comes out sizzling in a brown sauce and is topped with sesame and ginger. Both of these dishes are served with rice. They also offer vegetarian dishes.

For refreshments, try their very creamy colada, strawberry, melon or mango-flavored cold smoothies topped with a cherry and their signature orchid flower. If you’re a mango lover, the mango with sticky rice is a must-try. This dessert dish consists of the perfect combination of  warm and sweet — creamy rice and the fresh and cold slices of mango served only to appeal and topped with leaves of mint.


6037 Leesburg Pike

Falls Church, VA 22041

(at Bailey’s Crossroads)